Sunday, January 27, 2013

Publix and Kroger Trips

Made some pizza this weekend with
home-made (food processer) oat flour...yum!

Publix and Kroger both had some great sales this week, and I took advantage of them. My fridge, freezer, and pantry are all pretty stocked, and that is a good feeling. I paid $86.39 ($39.74 at Publix [1 trip] and $46.65 at Kroger [3 trips]) for 78 items, so about ~$1.10 per item. Considering that I got a good variety of real food (rotisserie chicken, clementines, soups, tomatoes, cereal, etc.), I’m pretty happy with these trips (even though I spent quite a bit more than normal!). I saved $134.06, or about 64%, as an average for all the trips.

Pictured below are three of my trips: one to Publix and two to Kroger.

Publix Trip and Kroger Trip #2

Kroger Trip #3
Publix Trip (1-26-13)
Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Coke 12-
packs (3)
5.21 (15.63)B2G1
2 x free MQ
(took off 4.99)
Kellogg's cereals
3 x $1/1 MQs,
1 x $1/3 MQ
Clementine box (1)4.99----$4.99
M&Ms2.81--free WYB
(took off 2.99)
Kashi cereals
2 x $1.50/1 MQs,
1 x $1/2 WFQ
Breyer's ice cream
2 x $1/1 PQ$4.00
*Daisy Razors*
8.976.491 x $2/1 MQ$4.49
*Tide detergent*
7.695.991 x $1.50/1 MQ$4.49
*Downy Unstoppables*
6.995.991 x $1/1 MQ$4.99
Publix rotisserie
chicken (1)
7.39--free WYB three
*participating items*
Totals: 19 items$90.78$67.33$26.47 in MQs,
$8.39 in PQs
+$4.83 tax
$39.47 total
(saved $55.87,
or 58%)

Kroger Trip #1 (1-25-13)
Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
**Motts snack
packs (2)
2 x $0.55/1 MQ$4.88
**Mt. Olive
pickles (2)
2 x $1/1 MQ$3.58
**Jello (4)1.79
2 x $1/2 MQ$4.76
**Rotel tomatoes
1 x $0.80/2 MQ$1.18
Blistex (2)1.04
2 x $0.70/1 MQ$0.60
Bakery cookies
Toothbrush (1)1.991.49--$1.49
Totals: 16 items$30.25$27.77$7.30 in MQs
**-$5 for every 10
participating items**
(got $3 Jello Catalina)
+$1.73 tax
$18.94 total
(saved $16.00,
or 46%)

***The cashier insisted that the cookies I bought were deli items and wouldn't honor my $1/2 Kroger donuts or sweet goods Q.

Kroger Trip #2 (1-26-13)
Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
**Egg Beaters (1)3.19--Free Kroger eQfree
**Rotel tomatoes
1 x $0.80/2 MQ$1.18
**Progresso soup
1 x $1/2 MQ$1.98
**OM carving
board meat (1)
3.793.491 x $1/1 MQ$2.79
**All laundry
detergent (2)
1 x $2/2 MQ$5.98
tortillas (2)
2 x $1/1 MQ$1.98
Mineral Wear (1)9.792.79--$2.79
Hormel pepperoni
2 x $1/2 MQ$2.00
Eclipse gum1.29
Totals: 17 items$47.01$31.77$8.80 in MQs
$3.19 in KQs
**-$5 for every 10
participating items**
-$3 Jello Catalina
+$1.87 tax
$15.25 total
(saved $35.13,
or 70%)

****The cashier scanned the makeup twice instead of the gum twice. I didn't want to take care of it at the service desk so I let it go.

Kroger Trip #3 (1-27-13)
Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
**Good 'N' Natural
bars (18)
2 x $1.50/6 MQ$13.02
**Blue Diamond
milk (1)
3.142.992 x $0.55/1 MQ$2.44
Progresso soup
1.671.491 x $0.50/1 MQ$0.99
newspaper (2)
Clif bars (4)1.59
Totals: 26 items$39.47$25.46$2.55 in MQs
**-$5 for every 10
participating items**
+1.07 tax
$12.46 total
(saved $27.06,
or 68%)

Full freezer + full fridge + full pantry = happy me today!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

18 Laps = 1 Mile

Thursday's fun: the carousel at Opry Mills Mall

Monday I went to the BFY to work out after work. I'd wanted to run but didn't want to spend time on the treadmill, so my options were MFY and BFY because they have "tracks." Brentwood is slightly more convenient, so that's where I ended up. I laced up my shoes and headed upstairs, expecting to have to count lots of laps. For some reason, I had in my head that 14 laps was a mile. Much to my surprise (and dismay), 18 laps was a mile. That meant even more counting, turning, leaning, and laps. I started my timer and set off, catching the mile splits on my watch. Mile 1: 7:30. Mile 2: 7:15. Mile 3: 6:55! Hooray for an unplanned tempo run and a 21:41 3-miler (the extra second must have come from the decimals). I finished with a mile cooldown, half in 3:50 and the other half walking (6:20), for a total of 31:51 and 4 miles. Not too shabby!

Then I did a good 5 minutes extreme slow workout--my hips definitely needed something that didn't require running around in circles.

Tuesday's class at T's was much better than last week's, but I had to get off early to make it to work on time and missed a 19-minute tempo block. I had time to stay on for a few more minutes than I did, but I didn't want to get off in the middle of a work set so I didn't do any of it. In the afternoon I went to the DHY, where 20 laps = 1 mile. No, I did not run. But I did do 300 squats, and even without any weight that's a lot of squats!

Wednesday I ran 5 miles at the Cool Springs Y while watching The Flying Scotsman. It was a pretty interesting cycling movie, so I'm glad I'd decided to go into the cardio theater. I few of the miles were running, and a couple were walking at up to 5% incline. I wanted to get in some hills and work out some of the soreness from Tuesday's squat workout.

Thursday all my coworkers and I went over to Opry Mills and had lunch in the food court. Everyone was happy because we all could get what we wanted. Then we all jumped on the merry-go-round and had a fun 3-minute ride. Oh, the little things in life. The afternoon meant a GREAT ride at Todd's and Inversion. I knew from being sore that I'd have to work hard, and the workout did not disappoint. All my big leg muscles were tired, so my little muscles were forced to do their share of the work, and they did. By about 10 minutes into the 90-minute workout, I knew I'd be able to product my best sprint watts yet, so I rode the rest of the workout with that in mind and smile. Sprint watts = 719, 5 more than previously (1-03-13). Success!

At Inversion, Dr. Easley gave an overview of Why We Believe What We Believe, and I can tell this is going to be an informative, interesting series.

Friday I went for a run through Maryland Farms, finding a new path and exploring. Six miles, done.

Saturday I did 6 miles on the elliptical in the morning, rode a good 42 miles in the afternoon with Jes, Kat, Valerie, and Shannon, taught my Pre-K kids that we all can talk to Jesus and show Him that we love Him, and then did another 6 miles on the True elliptical.

Sunday after a 3-mile walk and church I met up with Anna, Parri, Shannon, Kat, Kiki, and Catherine for 38 fun miles:

Week's run miles: 30
Week's bike miles: 155

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

Yep, it rained a lot this weekend. Not as much as we had a couple years ago when it flooded (May 2, 2012; May 3, 2010), but definitely enough to cause some minor flash flooding, raise water levels, and keep me from riding outside. So Friday I went on a long run:

Friday run route

Saturday I went to the Y and did 5 miles on the TRUE elliptical and a good iso workout. This makes 30 miles running and 3 iso workouts for the week. Success!

Sunday I swam in the morning and then rode at Todd's with my teammates for about 2 hours. This makes 80 miles riding and 500m swimming for the week. Slightly less than last week, but we also had test week at Todd's so the mileage there was lower.

I also worked on goals. Every year for now 4 years, I've written out goals on the computer and then transferred 5 main ones to a piece of paper. After laminating it, I put one copy in the pocket of the sweatpants I wear most often and another in my gym bag. I write some other things I need to remember in there as well, and then I periodically take it out, look at it, and remind myself why I'm doing what I do. It's been a great exercise, and one I hope to continue.

Here are a few of the additions to my goals:

Job 5:8-9 But as for me, I would seek God, and to God I would commit my cause—who does great things, and unsearchable, marvelous things without number.

Psalm 139:14, 23, 24 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well. ... Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

CompuTrainer Tests

These are my results from all the TTs I've done at Todd's:

Date Test Number Completion Time Average Watts
January 10, 2013
TT #9b
223 watts
January 8, 2013
TT #9a
213 watts
March 29, 2012
TT #8b
220 watts
March 27, 2012
TT #8a
212 watts
January 26, 2012
TT #7
226 watts
January 24, 2012
TT #6
228 watts
May 4, 2011
TT #5
237 watts
March 3, 2011
TT #4b
202 watts
March 1, 2011
TT #4a
229 watts
January 6, 2011
TT #3b
185 watts
January 4, 2011
TT #3a
217 watts
March 25, 2010
TT #2
223 watts
January 28, 2010
TT #1
208 watts

I had hoped to do much better on Tuesday than I did, so I did the test again on Thursday. In fact, Tuesday's was probably one of my worst test (that wasn't a planned tempo ride) and worse than at least one tempo ride. I am in better shape than the test shows, so that was frustrating.

Thursday's test wasn't close to the results I wanted but better than Tuesday's. I think I'm more frustrated about Thursday's test because of the effort level I thought I gave and the result; it wasn't bad, but it was the same time and close to the same watts as some tempo rides! And it's not even close to where I was in May of 2011. I guess I have a lot of work to do over the next two months before we test again.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Big 3-0: Adopt a US Soldier

For my birthday this year (30!) I am doing a bunch (30!) of planned things (known across the inter-webs as random acts of kindness or RAKs or RACKs) that will benefit or bless other people, and one of the first I decided to tackle was to adopt a US soldier. You can too! All the information is on their site here.

Within the past 6 days, I've signed up, been assigned a soldier, emailed and heard back from him, found out his birthday, and sent him a letter.

Letter #1, in the mail this morning!

This one thing is going to be more fun than I thought. I spent some time on the AAUSS site to find out ideas for communication and care packages, and my plan is to pray daily for him, send a letter every week or so, and send a package every month or so PLUS a special birthday package. Super easy. And since I know how much I love getting packages, I can only imagine how someone with otherwise likely little communication from home will appreciate it.

My birthday plan is anything but random, and that is just the way I like it. Plus if I didn't have a plan, I likely wouldn't do anything. I might be slightly more aware of people around me and what they need or want, but that's about it. (More about me and plans; see #21.)

(I've determined that every 5 years is a milestone year. For my 25th, I chose one new thing a month to learn or do; for my 30th, I've chosen 30 things, or approximately one every 2 weeks, to do for other people.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Publix Shopping Trips

This sale ad is another good one for frozen (and fresh) veggies. I didn't get any fresh ones, but I got a dozen boxes of frozen ones!

Publix Trip #1 (1-05-13)
Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Green Giant
boxed vegs (6)
2 x $1/3 MQ$3.97
Publix butter
boxes (2)
Clementine box (1)4.99----$4.99
Gerber fruit/yogurt
pouches (6)
--$0.55/1 MQ,
2 x $1/2 MQ,
2 x $1/3 PQ
Kraft shredded
cheese (3)
Mailing tape (1)2.19----$2.19
Totals: 19 items$45.87$33.92$4.55 in MQs,
$2 in PQs
+$2.90 tax
$30.27 total
(saved $15.60,
or 34%)

The veggie deal is a good one, and I eat tons of veggies, so I went back and found a pasta deal as well:

Publix Trip #2 (1-07-13)
Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Green Giant
boxed vegs (6)
2 x $1/3 MQ$3.97
Barilla veggie
pasta (6)
2 x $1/3 MQ
6 x $1/1 PQ
Quaker Oats (4)2.79
2 x $1/2 MQ$3.58
Sundown B6
vitamins (2)
--2 x $2/1 MQ
1 x $5/2 PQ
Totals: 18 items$41.02$27.23$10 in MQs
$11 in PQs
+$2.20 tax
$8.93 total
(saved $32.09,
or 78%)

I paid $39.20 for 37 items, or approximately $1.06 per item, and saved $47.67, or about 46%.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Me and the present
I opened the Christmas box my mom sent me, and she had written a note that I pulled out first. It said to please take of picture of me with the present before opening it. Done! Then I went to pull out one of the gifts and realized they were all attached as a I had someone else take a picture of me actually wearing the gift, not just holding it in the box :-)

Look - it's a lei! (Homemade by my mom and aunt)

This weekend was great. I'm working on a 30-years birthday project that will take me all year, so I got started on that. I also went to Jen's apt to help her build her TT bike:

Bike in hopefully good working order

Team B got out and rode because it was 50* and December! I was OK until about 2h in, and then the temps started dropping and my fingers started freezing. But I made it the whole time and really enjoyed the ride.

Anna and I started from MFY and met Val, Parri, Cath,
Kat, Shelly, Shannon, and Cali at BFY for our 36-mile route

I also managed to run enough miles this week to get my total to 28 and ride enough to get my total to 141. Good start on my 120mi running and 300mi riding per month!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012's Races Aggregated

These are all the races I did in 2012, including links, results, recaps, etc.

Crits: 38
TTs: 7
RRs: 12
Circuits: 2
CX: 1
(Total bike races: 50)
Triathlons: 1 as relay (bike-run)
Mile: 1
5Ks: 4
5mi: 1
10Ks: 0
Half marathons: 0
Marathons: 1 as relay
(Total running races: 7)
Relay races: 3

  • 2012's races below
    • Total races: 58
      • Bike races: 50
      • Running races: 7
      • Tris: 1
      • Relays: 3
    • Noteworthy: 
      • TBRA/TBAR Cat 3 champion
      • TN Cat 3 State Crit champion
      • TN Cat 3 State RR 3rd place
      • Mile PR: 6:27
      • Half marathon PR: 1:47:xx
      • winner of Sheboygan stage at ToAD
      • 3rd and 6th in stages at Joe Martin
  • 2011's races here 
    • Total races: 48
      • Bike races: 43
      • Running races: 3
      • Tris: 1
      • Relays: 1
    • Noteworthy: 
      • TBRA 10/28 Cat 3
  • 2010's races here
    • Total races: 24
      • Bike races: 1
        • Running races: 14
        • Tris: 8
        • Relays: 1
      • Noteworthy: 
        • Mile PR: 6:30
        • Half marathon PR: 1:48:30
  • 2009's races here
    • Total races: 26
      • Bike races: 10
      • Running races: 11
      • Tris: 5
      • Relays: 0. 
    • Noteworthy:
      • Ironman PR: 12:21:22
      • series champ
Here are all the race results; recaps are linked, as are official results.