Thursday, January 6, 2011

CompuTrainer Class: Torture Test III Part II

This is labeled as another torture test (TTT) recap, but it's not really. I went to class this morning fully intending to complete the 5-mile time trial, but after the warmup and ramp ups that Todd has us do, I decided to tempo the ride instead. That is, keep my HR below where I was at Tuesday and ride steady the entire time. I kept my HR around 182 (I didn't look on Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure I was up around 194+), lower than last time, and I kept my cadence around 95 (I didn't look on Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure I was up around 97 or 98). That lower cadence was the tell for me that I shouldn't do the test; if I can't get my cadence up, I know I won't perform as well as I can. So, at the last minute, I decided to not go all out and to just cruise. It was actually quite fun watching everyone else suffer. It was not fun, however, seeing my time and wattage at the end!

January 28, 2010, Torture Test 1: 14:22, 208 watts

March 25, 2010, Torture Test 2: 13:56, 223 watts

January 4, 2011, Torture Test 3: 14:06, 217 watts

January 6, 2011, Torture Test 3 Part 2: 14:58, 185 watts (tempo ride)

I'm actually quite curious to see the stats from both today and Tuesday, whether I'll be able to tell that I was riding all out one day and steady the other (without the watts and time, that is—with other things like cadence, HR, consistency, etc.)

Anna and I headed to MFY after work for a quick workout. We warmed up for about 15 minutes, me on the elliptical and her on the step mill, and then did my 5-minutes-of-work workout: Push up, curl (10lb), crunch, lunge, standing ham, and wall squat. I got the push up, curl, squat, standing ham, and wall squat, so that means I only did not get the lunge (2:38 L and 1:38 R)—I finished the entire 5 minutes, but I had my knee on the floor for some of the time or stood up and restarted.

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