Saturday, January 29, 2011


I love being outside. Today was my chance. Forget that the kids had a snow day on Tuesday, have been to school maybe 10 of the last 40 days, and have already run out of built-in snow days in the school calendar. Forget that we've had more snow than normal and a lower average January temperature than normal. Today was different. I almost have tan lines on my arms from our ride this afternoon! But before I get to that, I'll recap today's fun D1 bootcamp.

Sarah worked us harder today than last week, and a lot of the same people were back for more. I introduced myself to a few, including Laura, Joann, Paul, and another guy whose name I can't remember. We started out with a few laps around the field and a quick dynamic warmup. Then it was right into the real workout: stations. Today we had 10 stations that I did in the following order: star jumps (while saying "I'm a star!"; Will would've been so happy), push ups, plank things where we jumped our feet onto a step 3 times then pushed the step 10 yards then repeated, biceps curls, throw downs where we threw the med ball hard onto the ground, triceps push ups, burpies and punches, side and lateral delt raises (10lb), mountain climbers, and squat with stick. We did 25 seconds of work, had 15 seconds to rotate stations, and went all the way through. Then after a short break we did some abs exercises. Stations, abs, stations, finish. The hour passed quickly, but I will be honest—it made me miss training with Will in the same room, making me work harder and harder.

As soon as I finished that, I headed to Lisa's house for a ride. I wore toastie toes for my feet, but I didn't even need high socks or arm warmers and loved it. Hopefully more of the same tomorrow! My ride was changed from what it should've been due to a flat tire around mile 8. Thankfully I had a spare tube with me and Wayne stopped to help me (good thing because whatever had punctured the tube went through the tire and he had a bill to protect the tube), but that meant we were separated from Lisa, Andy, Adam, Jon, and Kevin. We got in a good 1.5 hours or so, a kind of slow 27 miles (16 mph average, and 144 HR average), but I never really looked at my watch and my computer wasn't working, so I really was just out to ride. It felt like a nice recovery ride—not the endurance/slow-ish tempo pace Lisa had, but it was pretty much what I needed. Stats:

  • 1:40:06, 27 miles, 16.1 avg (yes, that's super slow!) (28.1 max), 1521 cal, 143 HR (177 max)

I've been kind of slacking on my other workouts (one of which I should be doing now but am blogging and planning instead), but everything I've done this week has been high quality and I'll still hit the 9 (or 10) workouts that seem to work well for me.

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