Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweatfest III

I managed to stay on the bike for the full 2:30 today (with a 10-minute break). It was a great ride. I'm really liking the new ErgVideo program. We rode today with 7 guys through the mountains. The view was great, and I love riding with people because it pushes me more, and I worked pretty hard. Totals and stats:

  • 2:40, 156 HR, 182 max
  • 15-minute warm up to warm up the trainer, 128 HR
  • 1 hour, 26 miles, 163 HR
  • 21-minute climb, 170 HR
  • 6-minute descent, 156 HR (we don't get a break on the descent like the real riders do)
  • 19-minute climb, 168 HR
  • 3-minute descent, 158 HR
  • 11-minute break, 109 HR (but I was off the bike for most of this)
  • 25-minute rest of the ride, 159 HR

I think I ended up with about 43 miles total, and I stayed pretty close to an effrot level 6. Maybe a little under, definitely not over, but it was a sweet spot I could've stayed in all day. The first part of the ride included two climbs and a few descents. The descents would've been fantastic if we were actually on the road. Unfortunately, we don't get the same recovery that the real riders get and still have to pedal through the descent. After the break, we rode 25 minutes with two 10-second bursts at 10 minutes and 20 minutes into the 25. I didn't look at my stats during that time, but I know I wasn't anywhere near the 540 or something watts I hit last week during the sprints.

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