Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CompuTrainer Class: Torture Test III

January 28, 2010, Torture Test 1: 14:22, 208 watts

March 25, 2010, Torture Test 2: 13:56, 223 watts

January 4, 2011, Torture Test 3: 14:06, 217 watts

This morning's class was the sometimes dreaded, sometimes highly anticipated 5-mile "assessment," also known as the TTT: Todd's Torture Test. I'd done it twice before and had an idea what to expect from the TTT and from the warm up. My goal was to beat my time from March 25, and even though I didn't make it, I felt like I put forth my best effort and had fun. It didn't hurt that I went into it thinking that it was going to be the best test I'd done. Plus I expected a lot out of myself since yesterday I did the best I'd ever done on a 5-minute lunge: 5 minutes (R leg only; L was at 2:57, and my best for that leg is currently 3:10)! The last time I did the best I'd ever done I had the best ride ever in Todd's class, so that's what I was expecting today.

It was hard, but I had a blast and did my best. Success!

The time I want to work toward is Parri's time from today: 13:31. That's only about 30 seconds faster than my current fastest time, so I think I can get there. Maybe Thursday, maybe in 6 weeks, maybe later, but it's definitely my goal!

Oh, and the 5-minute lunge thing is something I've been working on since December 6, when I was at 1:27L and 1:27R. It was one of my goals for this year that I just posted yesterday, but I started it early because I really wanted to attain it. And I did! Woohoo!

More news (it's been a good last couple hours): My request to move up a category in cycling was approved, so I'll be starting out as a Cat 3 this year. That means I'll be better able to help Lisa and Parri dominate at every race :-)

I felt so good today that I just had to run. It wasn't a long run, and it wasn't even outside because I didn't want to go home and I didn't have any reflective gear with me. So I went to the track at MFY (14 times around for a mile) and ran a couple miles. Mile 1: 6:54 with the half-mile splits at 3:36 and 3:18; 3 minutes rest; next half mile: 3:13; 3 minutes rest; next half mile: 3:04. Then I jogged enough to finish 3 miles. I would have run another half to get under 3 minutes, but a class started on one side of the track and took over the entire thing while they were jogging their warmup. I was so happy about the run that I did, though. Then I headed upstairs for a quick 5 on, 5 off thru 20 just to get some more work in: lunge on crates, standing ham, squat with stick, push up, pull up, curl.

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