Thursday, December 30, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Aerobic Training I

Today's class was a repeat of Tuesday's. I am going twice a week now so that I get on my bike more and continue improving. Both days will be great, but if today was any indication, I will be stronger the second day. There are great people in both classes too: teammates Anna, Lisa, Parri, Shelly, and Cali on Tuesday's along with other strong people; and Anna (and Lee today), Chatty, Vickie, Michael, and more strong people again on Thursdays. Today was especially great with Lee and David in the class--they are both super strong, and stronger people definitely make me stronger!

During the 10-minute warm up, Todd explained a little about how to move your ankle correctly while pedaling. Then we did 13 minutes of aerobic work with two 1-minute sections of higher-intensity work thrown in; rest; 1-leg drills (30, 45, 30 sec); 3 spin ups; rest; 2x2 minutes at 110, 1x3 minutes at 105, 2x1minute at 110, each with 1 minute at 100 between; rest. I had to finish before the final set of spin ups, which means that I missed the second set of 1-leg drills as well. But it was a good hard workout, I felt great, I upped my watts 3 from where I'd been on Tuesday, and rode well. Even Todd said I looked strong. My HR was up pretty high according to my HRM, but it really wasn't hard at all and I definitely had no trouble talking during the entire workout. It must be the lunge that I've been doing daily, working toward 5 minutes on each leg (currently at 4:33 and 3:10 R/L, which means I still have a long way to go!).

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