Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: 1-Leg Drills IV

Today's workout was exactly the same as two weeks ago, though today I'm pretty sure I had my watts down 10. I've been upping the wattage because I just don't want to be below 200 (and shouldn't be), but I also didn't want to be up too high since I was already frustrated from yesterday:

  • 1:22 total, 153 HR (177 max), 26 miles (plus whatever I did in the first 10 minutes)
  • 10 min warm up, 146
  • 13 min aerobic work, 161 HR
  • 2 min break, then 9 minutes of 1-leg drills, 30 sec each leg, 60 sec each leg, 30 sec each leg, then 45, then 30, then 30
  • 2 min break, then 6 spin-ups where we started at 85 RPM for 30 sec, worked our way to 110 for 30 sec, then stayed at 110 for 2 min (HR 169)
  • 3 min break, then 1 min at 95 RPM (149), 2 min at 105 RPM (168), 1 min at 100 (169), 3 min at 110 (173), 1 min at 95 (166), 3 min at 105 (169), 1 min at 100 (169), 2 min at 110 (175), 1 min at 100 (170)
  • No cool down

I didn't count pedal strokes and I'm sure I didn't make it to 40 every time, but I was able to continue pedaling at a close-to-normal cadence and I stayed at or above all the high-cadence intervals. So even with all my frustration yesterday, I did well in class today. Afterward, Todd showed me the files from the 2-mile time trials we did last week and back in November. My left leg is dominant and my right leg is lagging, especially between 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. So to try to make them both the same, I should do lots of right-leg 1-leg drills to strengthen that leg. I know my left leg is stronger and more consistent in the 1-leg drills, but this showed it in the stats.

Also, I was 13 seconds slower, all of it coming from the climb over the second mile. I didn't have Parri's stats to look at, which meant I wasn't looking at the screen and was focusing only on riding. My legs were working better together, and my watts for each leg were much closer to each other. Interestingly, my average overall watts in November was 223, whereas my average overall watts last week was 208 but I was only 13 seconds slower. Todd surmised that, rather than racing, I'd given a true 7 out of 10 effort.

After class, Parri and Anna had treats for us all. Yum!

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