Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: 2-Mile Hard Effort

This morning's Endeavor Performance CompuTrainer class involved a few different elements of the workout. First, we warmed up a bit. Then we did a 2-mile effort, which wasn't supposed to be hard but when I'm sitting next to Parri and able to see her numbers and when I notice that Anna is creeping up on me up the hill, I'm going to put in a hard effort. Then we did a little easy spin while Todd discussed form. The next element was five 2-minute high-cadence (110) efforts, and the last was 4 spin-ups, where you start at a lower cadence (90) and increase it over a minute and then hold that cadence (110) for a minute. It was fun and a bit challenging, but we didn't have the watts set up quite at what they had been last year so it was slightly easier than it could've been.

  • Warm up: 31 minutes, 136 HR
  • Two-mile effort: 6:04, 185 HR; I was 4.5 seconds behind Parri and 0.5 behind Anna; I might've been able to catch them both had I been able to shift into my big chain ring, but I'll get another chance.
  • Easy spin: 17 minutes, 155 HR
  • Five 2-minute high-cadence efforts: 171 HR avg
  • Four spin-ups: 164 HR avg
  • Cool down: 3 minutes, 149 HR
  • Totals: 1:40:00, 155 HR (193 max)

I definitely feel more fit than I did at this time last year on the bike, so that's encouraging. Also, now that my seat is more properly adjusted, I wasn't fighting as much with my quads and was letting my hamstrings pull their own weight. Felt much better being balanced. I'm excited about being in class with my teammates Anna, Shelly, and Parri, and the other people in the class seem strong too, so I am looking forward to continued improvement throughout the winter.

My lunchtime swim was nice and short, 500 with two 25-yard sprints at 18sec each and a little recovery between. I wanted to do more, which is good, some next time I get in I'll go longer.

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