Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rock and Road Marathon and CX Racing

Saturday was the best marathon I've run, and I've done 11 (5 Ironmans, 4 Music City Marathons, 1 Madison Marathon, and 1 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon): The Rock and Road Marathon at Percy Warner Park.

It is also a relay and has 4 legs: orange, pink, blue, and white. It also has a total elevation gain of 3,133 feet, so there's a lot of climbing. Hence the slow speed. The course goes through the entire park and my Garmin lost satellite reception in a few places and also thought I'd stopped in a few places (it beeped at me at least 5 times), hence the "short" course.

Total: Road, Road, Trail, Trail, 25.3  miles, 04:26:09, 10:30 min/mile, 3rd overall female
Orange: Mainly road on the 11.2 loop, 7.4 miles, 01:07:06, 9:00 min/mile
Pink: Mainly road on the 11.2 and 5.6, 5.3 miles, 00:50:45, 9:35 min/mile
Blue: All trail, red (4.5) and white (2.5), 7.6 mi, 01:30:00, 11:54 min/mile
Pink: Half road, half cross country course, 5.0 mi, 0:57:21, 11:03 min/mile

Anna M and Anna S were there to cheer, and I saw them in a ton of places.

Marathon #11: Strava link


Pre-race smiles

Starting another leg...

Best cheerleader (Anna) and Race Director (Kat)

Post-race chow

For some crazy reason, I thought it would be fun to do a cyclocross (CX) race on Sunday morning. My legs were having none of it!

CX #1: 2012
CX #2: 9-28-14: Strava link
CX #3: 10-19-14: Strava link
CS #4: 10-26-14: Strava link

Sunday morning walk

Sunday morning CX race

AJ on the podium!