Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tempo Run

The women's race gets under way!

Marathon pace is about all I have had lately, and today was no different. Average pace was 8:24. If I could run an 8:23 pace for a marathon, I'd finish in 4 hours. I don't know why I haven't had much else. Even when I tried to pick up the pace during the 28-min tempo section, I really couldn't. It didn't help that my route was slightly hilly and my legs felt dead after 2 miles. Frustrating.
  • 45:55, 5.47 miles, 8:24 pace (6:19 best), 648 cal, 176 HR (202 max)
  • 10-min warm up (1.23 mi)
  • 28-min tempo (mile 1: 7:51; mile 2: 8:16; mile 3: 8:21; mile 3.44: 3:32)
  • 8-min cool down (0.6 mi—this was a walk/run to try to cool down; it's hot here, and this was before 6am!)
During lunch, I headed to DHY for a swim: 1,500 pull. It wasn't anything like what I was supposed to have done, but after yesterday's frustrating swim I wanted something I knew I could do and do well. Finally, after work, it was back to DHY for isos: 10×30 seconds:
  • Lunge R, L
  • Glute ham with reps to top
  • Wall squat (I made it 6.67, sat there for 30 seconds to collect myself, then finished the remaining 3.32; I really wanted to be done but also wanted to get the most of the workout)
  • Preacher curl with 25-lb bar, altitude drop reps
After the isos, I headed to LP Field/Titan's Stadium to watch Team Belladium win another crit. There were only 3 of them, but they still came away with a win.

Lisa C winning the sprint
This breakaway of Beth, Jessica, Stephanie, and Lisa broke away after about 3 laps and stayed out the entire time. Lisa S took off from the field with 3.5 laps to go and made a valiant effort to chase down this little group. If she'd had another lap or less headwind, she would have succeeded!

Here is a video of Tim Hall of NashvilleCyclist being interviewed. I'm in there somewhere off to the right, chatting with cousin Luke (he's in the green MOAB kit sitting on his bike)

Parri, Lisa S, Rachel, Kathy, and Marsha or Laura (?)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the Pool

I wanted to give today's swim a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, but then I though about it and realized that not only did I get in the water, I swam about a third of the required yardage and tried to make the best of the feeling I had of being super slow and frustrated. So it doesn't get a 2—it gets at least a 5. Far from 10, but far from 2 also. Not any better than last week's swim, and only slightly worse. The most frustrating part was feeling like and thinking that I was going to swim well only to get it and feel like a brick. Sinking, not moving, ugh.

Then it was off to Cool Springs for the Harpeth Bike Club ride. Today I was supposed to ride 1:20 and knew that the group ride wouldn't take me that long, so I rode my bike out there. That also added a few more miles and gave me an excuse to not go to Mexicali afterward. It turned out well, especially since Lisa wasn't there and Lee probably wouldn't have gone either (thanks to someone on his bike hitting her in her car).

This week, last week, the week before.
  • 1:35:50, 28.26 miles, 17.7 avg (35.5 max), 1763 cal, 150 HR (189 max);
    1:02:01, 20.01 miles, 19.4 avg (34.9 max), 1249 cal, 172 HR (191 max);

    1:05:37, 20.69 miles, 18.9 avg (34.4 max), 1291 cal, 164 HR (190 max)
  • From house to CS: 16:09, 3.68 mi, 13.7 avg, 117 HR (I had to stop, twice, to fix my seat)
  • 24:06, 8.91 mi, 22.2 avg, 145 HR;
    21:45, 8.01 mi, 22.1 avg, 171 HR;

    27:43, 8.81 mi, 19.1 avg, 160 HR
  • 39:34, 12.0 mi, 18.2 avg, 172 HR;
    40:16, 12.0 mi, 17.9 avg, 174 HR;

    37:54, 11.88 mi, 18.8 avg, 168 HR
  • From CS to house: 16:00, 3.68 mi, 13.8 avg, 140 HR

Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Resting

I haven't been as diligent with my rest days as I have been in the past. Usually I would do some fun activity like hiking at Radnor Lake, but I forgot. It was a good think I hadn't planned on that today, since it stormed right before I was leaving work. Instead, I headed to CSY for some isos. I've found that if I do one of the three (or four) workouts on Monday, I don't feel behind the rest of the week and feel like I can get them all in. So today was 3x30 second, heavy:
  • Lunge L, R w/45 + 10 on each side
  • Glute ham at 60* w/25
  • Glute ham
  • Standing ham w/25
  • Pull up
  • Push up w/25
  • Preacher curl w/20 dumbbells
  • Crate crunch w/25

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Blueberry pie, before being baked
For whatever reason, my legs were super tired today. I ran a few sprints in the middle of my 4.5-mile run/walk, did some 5-min extreme slows (glute ham, preacher curl, lunge), and relaxed the rest of the day. So much for a 2,000 swim and a 1:30 run.

Then I had some fun and made blueberry pie with the free blueberries I got at Publix. It turned out OK, but I would suggest not using only whole wheat flour for the crust and not using frozen blueberries. The sugar/cinnamon mixture didn't mix with the berries and pretty much just settled at the bottom of the pie. This added flavor to the crust, but it didn't taste like a traditional blueberry pie (even though it came from the very traditional Betty Crocker cookbook. I took a piece to Nancy to say hi, and the rest is going to work with me.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old Hickory Lake Tri

Some day I'll learn to use my arms effectively while I run

This triathlon is slightly different from other sprint tris because it is a swim/run/bike/run. The 5K run is split up into two 1.5-mile legs. I knew that and had been practicing it, so I felt pretty comfortable during the first run leg. Based on the number of people I passed, I would guess that most people weren't as comfortable!

I finally got a win, too, in this the 5th race of my season. I didn't win overall, but I won my age group in convincing fashion (9 minutes ahead of the 2nd place girl). I was still 4 minutes behind 1st place, but I was close felt great the entire race.
  • 383 finishers, 127 females (7 relays), 255 males
  • 10 of 126 females, 1 of 21 in age, 42 of 383 overall (might include relays; and according to an email I got, I was 39 of 311; not sure about the conflicting results—maybe relays?)
  • The first-place female's times were 1:06:45 total, 6:22 swim, 11:38 R1, 2:24 T1, 35:42 bike, 10:41 R2 (first place male was 1:00:01).
  • Total time: 1:10:45
  • Swim: 6:53
  • T1 + R1: 12:39
  • T2: 1:14
  • Bike: 38:29
  • T3 + R2: 11:32
My 6:53 swim time was #14 of the 120, and the fastest was 5:38 (4:59 for males).
My 12:39 T1 + R1 time was #16, and the fastest of 10:55 (9:42 for males).

My 1:14 T2 time was tied for #7, and the fastest was 1:05 (0:56 for males).
My 38:29 bike time was #8, and the fastest was 35:42 (my goal) (33:02 for males).

Note to self: the bike-to-run transition area is nasty. Keep shoes on feet, not on the bike!
My 11:32 R2 time was #20, and the fastest was 9:52 (she beat me by 1 second) (8:03).

The seat and crossbar should be parallel
This is what I rode on during today's race. At the first corner, my seat moved, and I refused to stop and try to fix it. I managed and didn't lose my focus.

The home-made cheese crackers I made didn't turn out quite like I was expecting. You should be able to microwave little pieces a slice of cheese for 60–90 seconds and then they come out like Cheez-Its.

Home-made cheese-its
I know it works because Delana brought some to work the other day. I asked what she zapped them on, and she said parchment paper. Well, while I was at Publix and WalMart, I noticed that wax paper is significantly cheaper than parchment paper and both are microwavable; I didn't know any other difference, and neither did Will. So I thought no big deal, I'll use the wax paper. Well, the cheese didn't come off so well. It seemed to melt (to) the paper. But they did taste good, and pretty much just like Cheez-Its!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beat the Thunderstorm!

I got in a great riderun before the rain came. I do much better running off the bike than out of the swim! No stats because I forgot my Garmin, but I did 1:03 bike, 20 run (the bike was supposed to have been 1:15, but my route didn't last that long).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Team Belladium at the Crit

Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The everlasting God, the LORD,
The Creator of the ends of the earth,
Neither faints nor is weary.
His understanding is unsearchable.
He gives power to the weak,
And to those who have no might He increases strength.
Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
And the young men shall utterly fall,
But those who wait on the LORD
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:28–31
Today I got to swimrun from the DHY again. Stats:
  • 6:49, supposed to have been about 300, the Garmin says 0.38 mi (670 yds); I realized the different between the yardage and mileage is probably the fact that my arm is constantly swinging.
  • Last time: 11:09, 500 yds, the Garmin says 0.57 miles (1,000 yds).
  • 1.55 miles (7:45 pace [6:17 best], 184 cal, 184 HR [196 max])
  • Last time: 1.55 miles (7:44 pace [6:25 best], 185 cal, 176 HR [198 max])
I didn't have enough time to return to the Y for 5-min ISO extremes, so I did what I could at work before heading to the stadium:
  • Lunge L, R
  • Standing ham
At the stadium, I got to watch Team Belladium at the criterium. They totally dominated, taking the top 4 places, and looked super strong.

Then we all (Cali and Sam, Todd, Lisa, Jonell, Parri, Lisa, Valerie, Jen, Anna, Kathy, and I) headed to Rose Pepper's (Mexican) in East Nashville to celebrate Valerie's birthday. It was a great day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outside Pool

Today's swim was depressing in a way. I felt like I was swimming well, hitting the wall every time, staying pretty consistent, and then I looked at my times. I was almost 20 seconds slower than where I normally am (which is already about 30 seconds slower than where most of the pros are) on every hundred. I think they lengthened the pool over the weekend!
  • 350 warm up
  • 12×25 drill
  • 6×100@5sec (1:44, 1:49, 1:52, 1:54, 1:52, 1:55; 1:51 average)
  • 8x75@45 4×75@45 (1:16, 1:18, 1:17, 1:20; 1:17.75 average)
  • 12×25 6×25 kick
  • 350 150 cool down
So I swam 1,850 instead of 2,650, but that was all I had time for. It will be even less tomorrow unless I have time to get back in the pool after my run. Here are some previous swim stats:
Then it was time for a bike ride with the Harpeth Bike Club. This week's ride, although the same route as last week's, was slightly longer. The GPS doesn't show it all because I forgot to start my computer right away.

Tuesday's short Cool Springs route
  • 1:02:01, 20.01 miles, 19.4 avg (34.9 max), 1249 cal, 172 HR (191 max); 1:05:37, 20.69 miles, 18.9 avg (34.4 max), 1291 cal, 164 HR (190 max)
  • 21:45, 8.01 mi, 22.1 avg, 171 HR; 27:43, 8.81 mi, 19.1 avg, 160 HR
  • 40:16, 12.0 mi, 17.9 avg, 174 HR; 37:54, 11.88 mi, 18.8 avg, 168 HR

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Today I saw 100* on my car's thermometer. If I could get pics off my phone, I'd upload the pic I took. But alas. Someday I'll get a smart phone! It was supposed to be a rest day, but I ended up going to the CSY and doing 5 on, 5 off thru 20:
  • Lunge on crates
  • Push up
  • GHR
  • Preacher curl
  • Crate crunch
Some days I would rather do something than nothing, and today was one of those. It felt good, too, especially after having just gone to see Dr. Berger. Just knowing my spine is aligned makes me feel so much better! I was glad I went, too, because they had dumbbells out that they are trying to get rid of, and I got two sets of 5s and one set of 8s and mailed a little 37-lb box to Will (there's no weight limit for the flat-rate boxes). The mailman might not be too happy, but Will can happily add them to his little collection and continue building his business. Not sure what it's called, but he's busy training people at his place!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

RC Cola and Moon Pie 10-Miler

This is the first time I've done a 10-mile race, and I decided to treat it like somewhere in between a half-marathon and a 10K. I didn't train specifically for it, and it was super hilly! But I ended up doing just about what I'd expected—1:26:33. I had wanted to be closer to 80 minutes, or closer to 70 minutes would have been even better. But I'm not too disappointed, especially since my legs felt dead already at mile 1. I hit a little wall around mile 7 or 8, but I got over it and finished the last 2+ miles OK-strong.

Here are my results:
  • 1:26:33 total, 8:40 pace
  • 9 of 70 in age
  • 46 of 348 females
  • 202 of 786 overall
Later (after a nap and church) it was off to to the Y for weights.

Friday, June 18, 2010


If it doesn't rain, this is today's ride route. Hopefully I can get it in, since I couldn't yesterday.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today's plans were totally thwarted. I couldn't ride because of the lightening, and I didn't run because of the rain. I did isos instead, 6-6-6 EDI:
  • Lunge w/RL
  • Standing ham (was supposed to have been glute ham to top, but I had nothing for my knees and the hard floor at the Cabana was less than pleasant)
  • Wall squat (was supposed to have been regular squat with stick)
  • Bench press, 20-lb dumbbells (was supposed to have been with a light bar, but that wasn't an option)
  • Curl, light bar and rebound reps
  • Plate front delt, 10-lb dumbbell

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Slow Run, Criterium

Ready to go: Laura, Marsha, Jessica, Stephanie, Jen, Roxanne, Lisa S, Valerie, Rachel, Lisa C, Shelly, Kelly, Parri, Amanda, Jonell, and Anna
My attempt to run this morning depressed me. I ran, but it was slow. I just could not get my legs to move fast, and it wasn't even hilly at all!
  • 20:00, 2.23 miles, 8:57 pace (7:13 best), 263 cal, 155 HR (185 max)
The lunch-time swim went slightly better. I got in the outside pool with two other guys in my lane--one was super slow (he warned up) and the other was wearing flippers so he and I were pretty comparable. Slowman got out after a couple hundred, and Finman moved to one side of the lane. I let him start before I did so we wouldn't swim side-by-side the entire time, but every time I almost caught him I had to rest. I didn't do the entire workout (1,100 instead of 2,000), but I worked hard during the yardage I did swim. That doesn't mean I'm fast, though. I should be doing 200s at closer to 3 minutes than 4 minutes. Even 3:20 would be good. Maybe eventually I'll get there.
  • 350 warm up
  • 6×50 drills
  • 5×200@10 2×200@10: 3:53, 4:06
  • 350 cool down
Then I sat poolside for a few minutes to try to get a little sun. My back will be well-tanned before the end of the summer!

Tonight was the second of 10 criteriums put on by The women's field was probably one of the biggest ever: 16 women! I managed to catch a little bit of the action on video, and I enjoyed watching the 20-minute race in the heat.

The group out front is Marsha (Nashville Cyclist), Lisa C (Belladium), Jessica (unattached), and Anna (Belladium). The second group is Shelly (Belladium), Valerie (Belladium), Jennifer (Velo Bella), Lisa S (Team Belladium), Laura (Nashville Cyclist), Rachel (SVMIC), Stephanie (Nashville Cyclist), Roxanne (Nashville Cyclist), Amanda (unattached), Kathy (unattached), Parri (Belladium), and Jonell (Belladium)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SwimRun, then Ride

The next race I'm doing, tho I'm not yet registered (I'd better send in my registration!), is the Old Hickory Lake Triathlon. This one is unique in that it is a swim-run-bike-run, not just a swim-bike-run. There is not enough room at the swim start/finish to have everyone set up their bikes, so you swim, run up 1.5 miles to the transition area, bike, then finish the 5K with another 1.5 miles. I haven't done many (any?) swim-runs, so I decided to make that my focus for the next couple weeks. That meant that today, I swam then ran immediately after.

The Donelson Y is not as conducive as the MFY is to running from the pool, but I made it work by finding a nice lifeguard (Jack), and asking him to unlock an otherwise-locked gate so that I could do my run right away. He is a swimmer and has been thinking about Ironmans, so he was intrigued, chatty, and cooperative. I was grateful! According to my Garmin (which I swam in for the first time ever), my 500 yds (appx. 0.28 miles) turned into 0.57 miles (1,000 yds). I'm not sure how that worked. Then I did a 12-minute run because that's how long it took the woman who won last year to do the first run leg of the OHL Tri.

I made it 1.55 miles (7:44 pace [6:25 best], 185 cal, 176 HR [198 max]) and will aim for farther next time. I will try Will's advice: Every time you run, run faster than the time before; that's the only way you'll get better. Such great advice, if only I could remember to do it! Jack said just look for him and he'd try to make sure something was open for me to run through--that would be great! I had hoped to have time to get back in the pool and actually finish my swim workout, but that didn't happen because I wanted to run out the entire 12 minutes and then had to run back in the same distance. By the time I got back to the Y it was time to head back to work. Oh, well, the 500+ I did was still work enough!

Tuesday's short Cool Springs route

I rode 9 miles with the group, but at the split on Gosey Hill Road, I broke off and went the short route. I knew I wasn't the only one riding that route, but no one ahead of me turned off, and I couldn't see anyone behind me. So my mission was to not get caught by anyone. I didn't, nor did I even see anyone behind me. It was 37 minutes on my own, about what I think the Old Hickory Lake bike leg might take. When I do this ride next week, I'll aim to ride it faster. Then I'll know I'm getting faster!
  • 1:05:37, 20.69 miles, 18.9 avg (34.4 max), 1291 cal, 164 HR (190 max)
  • 27:43, 8.81 mi, 19.1 avg, 160 HR
  • 37:54, 11.88 mi, 18.8 avg, 168 HR

Monday, June 14, 2010

Skiing and Tubing

My body is definitely needing the rest day today after skiing and tubing all afternoon yesterday! I had to do something to rid myself of some of the soreness, though, so after visiting the chiropractor (this first visit took me forever to schedule even though Will suggested it would help, and now that I've been going I'll definitely continue because since I've been going I've had none of the hip issues I had been having since January), I did 10-6-3 EDI lunge. I then went out for a little walk, ended up spending some time, including dinner, with Bill and Nancy, and returned for 10-6-3 EDI standing ham and push up. All that definitely helped! A massage probably would have been the best way to end the day.

Because of some of the research Nancy has been doing, we ended up talking a little about certification exams and the associated practice exams. That's the industry that I'm in here at Boson, I was able to shed a little light on why, when certification exams cost so much, it's still incredibly beneficial to spend the money on practice exams. Not only do you have at your fingertips a ton of study material (and if you've bought from Boson, it will be from the pen of industry experts), you can also be more assured that you'll actually pass the real exam. The initial investment might seem steep, but the final outcome will be well worth it—You'll have passed the exam the first time and won't have to worry about it any more! I already think we produce the best Cisco and Microsoft practice exams on the market, but add to that our No Pass, No Pay guarantee and you've got a really sweet deal!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Harpeth River Ride

This is the metric century route

Today's ride was the metric century with the Harpeth Bike Club. It took me about 3:30 to cover the 62 miles, and that time includes the first 8 miles while we were slowly being escorted out of Franklin by the police and stops at 2 aid stations. It was hot today—about 92* with 53% humidity—and I drank a ton: 3 bottles of water, 1 bottle of heed, one bottle of gatorade, and 1 bottle of gatorade endurance! I don't have my Garmin with me, but I think the average was about 18mph and my average HR was about 177. That is pretty high, but about what I expected considering the heat. It was tons of fun to be able to ride with Lisa and Parri at the beginning until I couldn't keep up with them and their super-fast group after 20 miles. But thankfully the remaining 42 went by quickly. That said, I was more than happy to get out of the saddle and thrilled that I didn't do the full century!

This route had a good amount of climbing!

Friday, June 11, 2010

MFY Loop

I ran the MFY loop yesterday for the first time in a while. Not the best overall time (55 minutes), but I was trying to run fast, then recover, then run fast, then repeat. I didn't have my Garmin on so I'm not sure about distances or paces or anything.

0.72 miles to the first corner
1.56 miles to the second corner (2.28 accrued)
1.24 miles to the third corner (3.44 accrued)
4 miles accrued to McGavock/Belle Rive
1.48 miles to the fourth corner (4.92 accrued)
1.2 to the end (6.2 miles total)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today's lunch with Valerie ended up being at Pizza Hut to eat rather than the pond to walk, but it was great. Then, after stopping off at Dr. Berger's office, I went to the CSY for an excellent 5 on, 5 off thru something workout:
  • Wall squat: thru 60
  • Lunge: thru 50
  • Standing ham: thru 60
  • Push up: thru 45
  • Preacher curl: thru 40, 20-lb bar; weight-wise I could have continued, but my wrists were not happy holding the bar
  • Crate crunch: thru 40 (by this time I'd just had enough—this is a super long workout)
Finally, it was off to Publix. There are not many good deals this week, but the penny item was toilet paper. I was down to my last roll, so I had to find something to buy that would add up to at least $10 before coupons and sales. And find I did!

If I paid full price for food (which I don't), I would have gotten the following milk and cookies for $15.86 + tax.

Milk and cookies
But instead, I bought everything in the following picture for $15.55 including $2.11 in tax (yes, that's $0.31 LESS than what the milk and cookies alone would have cost). At full price, it would have cost $50.31. I saved $34.77, for a 70% savings!

All the groceries
  • 1 gallon choc milk: $4.79 – $0.50MQ doubled = $3.79
  • 1/2 gallon almond milk: $3.29 – $1MQ – $1PQ = $1.29
  • 1 box Nilla Wafers: BOGO $3.89 = $1.95
  • 1 package Fig Newtons: BOGO $3.89 = $1.94 – 4.19MQ wyb 1 gallon milk, 1 other milk, and 1 other Nabisco cookies) = +2.25 OVERAGE
  • 2 boxes Kashi Organic Promise cereal: 2.50 – $1MQ – $1CQ = $0.50 × 2 = $1
  • 2 packages Nestle cookies: BOGO 2.79 – 2 × $1MQ = $0.79
  • 2 packages Sorrento cheese slices: $2.50 each – 2 × $0.40MQ doubled – $1PQ = $2.40
  • 3 boxes sugar-free Jello: $0.99 each – 2 × $0.50MQ doubled = $0.50
  • 1 box Jello pudding: $0.99 – $0.50MQ = $0.50
  • 1 package Publix water (that I thought I was getting for free but the Q wasn't accepted): $2.49
  • 2 packages Publix GreenWise toilet paper: $2.59 – $2.58PQ = $0.01 × 2 = $0.02
(I don't have my receipt handy, so I'm guessing on a few of the prices.) Abbreviations:
  • MQ = manufacturer's coupon
  • PQ = Publix coupon
  • BOGO = buy one, get one free, each rings up half-price
  • CQ = competitor's coupon (Whole Foods)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fake Drowning

I had to fake drown during my swim today. One of the lifeguards asked if I would so another one could practice rescuing someone. I just swam to the deep end then did the whole dead-man's-float thing. In my estimation, it look the girl far too long to get to me, but I'm sure it wasn't really all that long. I was glad she came into the water and I didn't have to pretend for too long. I forgot to thank her for "rescuing" me and then thought of the lepers who neglected to thank Jesus for cleansing them. Then I realized I probably don't thank God enough for really rescuing me--I can't imagine being separated from Him forever! So, thank you, God, for saving me from my sin and giving me the opportunity to know You!

It was so nice out that I ended up swimming only 750 and then sitting in the sun for a while. This is kind of my self-proclaimed transition week, so getting in the pool was a step forward (then again, it always is for me).

Harpeth Club ride tonight. Tonight's goal: Stay with the fast boys for as long as I can!

Goal attained! I stayed with the group for 1:02, until just after we turned into McKays Mill subdivision. Two weeks ago I dropped off on Clovercroft, so I made it one street farther today and was way closer to the front the entire time. It was tough but fun!
  • 1:01:43, 22.2 miles, 21.6 mph (39.0 max), 1440 cal, 170 HR (197 max)
  • 7:33, 2.53 miles, 20.1 mph (36.8 max), 141 cal, 177 HR (189 max)
  • Totals: 1:09:16, 24.73 miles, 21.5 mph avg (39 max), 1581 cal, 176 HR (197 max)
  • Last time: 1:12:00 total time, 24.8 miles, 21 mph avg (38.6 max), 1,560 cal, 165 HR (193 max)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trip to PA

I've been on vacay for the last week and haven't posted. I did train while I was gone, but mostly we just had fun hiking, doing projects around the house, playing tennis, eating ice cream, driving to Connecticut through New York City, and racing.

For my birthday, I got some great pizza stones from Robin and Jason. So I had to make pizza. Yum!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quassy Rev3 Triathlon

Race report to come. Or maybe not.

Total time: 2:53:05 (2:52:34 on my watch). Super slow. Ugh.
  • Swim: 28:37 (27:43 on my watch)
  • T1: 2:05
  • Bike: 1:27:22 (1:28:10 on my watch)
  • T2: 1:10
  • Run: 53:51 (54:19 on my watch)
I was 6 of 25 in age group, 23 of 134 females, and 112 of 375 overall. Definitely a super slow time, but everyone was slow; the first male finished in 2:09:12, and the first female finished in 2:27:58 (splits: 24:06 swim, 1:15:46 bike, 44:58 run). For my AG rankings, I was 9th of the swim, 7th off the bike, and 8th after the run, but it was enough for 6th in age.