Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Already Behind

I am really trying to figure out how to get in everything that I want to. On Sunday, I planned out a hopefully workable schedule, but it's only one day into my training week and I'm already behind. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish every week:
  • Monday: rest—This means do something fun, do something with someone, go to the grocery store, rest, take a walk or two, play the piano, read the Bible, basically just don't train and go to bed early.
  • Tuesday: isos in the AM, swim at lunch, ride in the PM
  • Wednesday: swim at lunch, run in the PM
  • Thursday: ride in the AM, isos at lunch, run in the PM (hopefully with Anna)
  • Friday: swim at lunch, ride after (with transition run if required)
  • Saturday: ride in the AM, run right after (especially if it's a brick workout), isos after church
  • Sunday: run in the AM, swim in the later AM, or switch the two around if it will warm up enough to run outside
So I started today by getting up early to do this morning's workout, 3×30sec heavy:
  • Lunge: first rep was 45-lb bar with a 25-lb plate on each side, but I couldn't stand up under it so changed to a 10-lb plate on each side for the remaining 2 sets
  • Glute ham: @60*, with 25-lb plate on chest (during this time Wayne was trying to talk to me—people can't usually tell that I'm working hard, and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing)
  • Glute ham: @bottom, body weight only
  • Standing ham: 25-lb plate. I can do at least 45lb, but it's really awkward to hold.
  • Push up: going to have to save for later
  • Preacher curl: 40-lb bar
  • Scap pull up: going to have to save for later
  • Crate crunch: going to have to save for later
Thus I did not finish everything. The swim went well, though, and I did all 2,000 yds:
  • 350 wu
  • 8×25@10sec drills
  • 9×100@5sec (1:27.73, 1:34.50, 1:35.64, 1:36.45, 1:36.45, 1:36.51, 1:38.96, 1:37.63, 1:37.94 [15:12.34 total]) (last Wednesday's times were 1:30.88, 1:42.95, 1:48.07, 1:48.92, 1:47.97, 1:46.32, 1:47.42, 1:47.93, 1:52.66, 1:48.92 ([18:30.01 total]; last Tuesday's times were 1:35, 1:38.38, 1:40.79, 1:41.15, 1:40.96, 1:39.34, 1:39.02, 1:39.92)
  • 4×25@20sec sprint (19.21, 19.50, 19.06, 18.61) (last Tuesday's times were 18.77, 18.33, 18.69, 19.83)
  • 8×25@15sec kick
  • 350 cd
My hundreds were definitely more where they should have been today, and they (1:35.57 average) were faster than Tuesday (1:39.25 average) by, rounded up, 3 seconds average and faster than Wednesday (1:46 average) by 10 seconds average (but that was when I was contending with 2 other people people in my lane). This is still nowhere near Bree's time of 1:05. I could never do that—I can't even get a 25 under 15 seconds! Even if I quadrupled my shortest 25 time, I would finish in 1:14.44. I guess I still have some work to do to get down to that competitive speed!

If only I can remember how I feel today when I get to Friday's swim and Sunday's swim and am feeling tired. I could use a text every day like I got today that reminded me, "You're strong!" Or I could just remember and quote and believe that "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of deer and sets me on my high places."

The afternoon ride was also good but happened on the trainer. 1:20 total, with sufficient time to warm up and cool down (30:40 each), and a main set of 8×20sec@2min power, high-gear intervals. Then I did push up, no weight. I did not do scap pull up or crate crunch.

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