Thursday, February 18, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Building Aerobic Capacity II


The team and their groupies...I'm so glad they've adopted some of us!
Lisa, Todd, Parri, Lisa, Cali, Shelly, Kathy
Anna, Jen, Valerie, me
Lee, Jonell, Chatty, and Lane: missing

Last week I was in the middle of a week of rest and rode so well; I felt great, refreshed, fast, all that good stuff. Today I am in the middle of a week of work and rode terribly. No exaggeration.

Warming up...Chatty, Cali, me, Shelly, Todd, in the front; Anna, Kathy, Lee, Parri, Valerie, Lane in the back

The prescribed workout was the following:
  • 12-minute warm up
  • 7 minutes at 80 RPM
  • 1 minute at 90–95 RPM
  • 7 minutes at 110 RPM
  • 4 minutes rest
  • Repeat the previous 4 for 4 total sets
  • Quick cool down
I managed to maintain 80 RPM for those intervals and 90–95 for those intervals, but I never made it above 109 for the 110 intervals. In fact, I could barely maintain 105 during the first one and was happy to get up to 100 for the remaining few. Just getting up there was a struggle—there was no staying there! I just could not make my legs move fast. I don't know why, because I kept telling myself I could do it. The legs just would not cooperate. My totals, significantly shorter than last week, were 21.5 miles in the first hour, and about 31 total, I think.

We had a full house for our big ride before we celebrated Todd's 40th birthday with delicious breakfast foods and cake. Everyone brought something good, we replenished the calories we'd just spent, and Todd was excited about his present. Lisa had her camera out before and after, and Ashley dropped by and took a group picture also.

The food, the cake, the birthday boy, all the good stuff!
I got in a great 40-minute run after work, outside! I don't have any idea how long it was; all I know is that it was finally nice enough to run outside. My fingers are still freezing and I had to turn my heater on in my apt, but it was outside.

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