Thursday, February 25, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Building Aerobic Capacity III

The only workout I had time for today was my ride, because Anna and I are headed to Atlanta for a conference with Ravi Zacharias later today!

I rode the prescribed 1:15 with the ladies from Team Belladium at Todd's studio. The ride was similar to last week's, with a few 7-minute intervals at 80 RPM, 1-minute intervals at 90-95 RPM, and 7-minute intervals at 110 RPM. Although I still couldn't maintain 110 RPM, I was at between 5-10% better this week than last, actually able to maintain over 105 and reach 110. I felt strong. I have no idea how far or how fast we went or anything like that; the only stats I have are HR and that's in the car. All I know is it was a good ride.

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