Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday I remembered how much I enjoy this sport, how much I enjoy doing what God has given me the ability to. Hopefully I can continue to remember, but if I can't I've told two good friends who I know will remind me when I need to hear something positive about the sport and training. I had an awesome time talking with Anna all day and need to remember how much experience she has racing at a high level. She will be a good resource when I need encouragement.

Today was a great training day: Swim, Bike, Run. It was like a race, only at a little lower intensity and all inside.

Swim 2,200:
  • 350 warm up
  • 8×25 drills
  • 8×100@10sec (25 build/25 descend), with times of 1:29.40, 1:33.38, 1:36.14, 1:38.65, 1:38.78, 1:36.20, 1:37.14, 1:40.23
  • 6×50@20sec sprint with times of 38.09, 40.91, 41.13, 41.74, 41.77, 43.01 (I actually did these on 1 minute, so I got less than 20 seconds rest for most but still felt well-enough recovered)
  • 8×25@15sec kick with Leanne! She pushed me to kick fast and hard, neither of us used flippers, and we were typically finishing each in 25 seconds (we did a few in 24 and one in 26)
  • 350 cool down
Ride 1:00. Then it was on to the bike. I took about 10 minutes between swim-bike to change and realized how much I appreciate being able to swim in my bikerun clothes in races! I had intended to bring my bike to the Y and set up my trainer, but I knew they had a few classes going on in the studio so decided to just use one of the spin bikes. It was good because I could watch my cadence.

Run 10-min transition. The final thing on the list was a minute transition run, basically just to make sure you can run after you get off your bike. I felt great! I had to get off the bike and hurry upstairs to the track, which is 18 times around per mile. My first 18 laps were under 8 minutes. I didn't think I felt that good, but evidently I did!

It was great to have the day off and get some stuff done, run lots of errands, make supper, chat with Nancy, and relax. Bible time, blog time, sleep time, I can think of only a few things that would have made this day better.

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