Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Run?

After having done a marathon or two and run 15 miles solo, can I consider 5+ miles a long run? Not real sure, but that's the mileage I did today and it felt like a long run. I guess that's what happens when I spend most of my time on the bike rather than in my tennies.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Minutes of Work

That is the workout I did today, after a little swim at the DHY and before watching some of my teammates race in the crit and eating dinner at Rosepeppers to celebrate Valerie's birthday. It was a good day.

  • Lunge R, L
  • Standing ham
  • Wall squat
  • (yes, my arms are not working as hard as my legs)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rest Week

This week is a rest-week of sorts, so instead of riding, I'll be hitting the gym, the trails, and the pool. Today I did a full 5 on, 5 off, thru 40 workout and ran 3 miles. It felt great to not be on my bike but to not be idle.

  • Lunge L, R
  • GHR at 80*
  • Push up
  • Curl (15lb)
  • 1-leg squat
  • Squat with stick
  • Crate crunch
  • Pull up

Monday, June 27, 2011


I read a great blog today and wanted to share a few excerpts from it on this beautiful rest day:

Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk.
This is not true. Introverts just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in, and they won’t shut up for days.

Myth #4 – Introverts don’t like people.
On the contrary, Introverts intensely value the few friends they have. They can count their close friends on one hand. If you are lucky enough for an introvert to consider you a friend, you probably have a loyal ally for life. Once you have earned their respect as being a person of substance, you’re in.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Downer Crit RR

This was a fun race and course. R, J, G, and GJ were there to watch, and they said it was much more festive here than in Fond du Lac yesterday. It probably helped that it was sunny! The field was quite large, 41 in our Cat 3/4 race, and I decided to go for one of the two primes (both offered within 7 laps to go). I won the first, didn't try for the second, and didn't stay close enough to the front to make any different at the finish. Someday I'll learn--hopefully soon!

Garmin stats: 32:53, 12.85 mi, 23.4 mph (32.4 max), 185 HR (202 max)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sheboygan Crit and Fond du Lac Crit RR

Thursday was the Sheboygan race. I did not race this day because it was raining all day, and it was very hard for me to see during the one lap I took around the course. I did stay to watch the 3/4 race, though, with Mom, Dad, and Joel. It was kind of disappointing not be able to race when people were there watching, but it was definitely a good decision given that I didn't know the women and didn't want to take a risk for a race that didn't matter all that much in the long run. It was a very simple course, though, with 4 left-hand turns and lots of open road. Marnie, who I met later, mentioned that turn 3 had lots of crashes later in the day, though.

It was nice to be back in my hometown, but I didn't go to the lake nor see either of my old houses. I guess I'm not that nostalgic :-)

The Fond du Lac race was Friday, and this was the day my entire Reif family came to watch and I decided to race with the P/1/2/3s. It was sad, actually, since they lapped me 3 times. I got dropped within 10 minutes of the 60-minute race, and I let them pass me the first time. The second time, I latched back on and stayed with the group for 25 minutes or so. Thankfully, because it had been kind of humiliating to have been riding by myself for so long. After I fell off and they lapped me again, the official pulled me with 3 or so to go. I was happy to not have to finish by myself, and Lauren and Allie said that others had been pulled, too, so I didn't feel too bad. It was a hard workout, those women were tough, and I was too far back.

Will and I talked about this later, and I realized that I raced with a different mentality with these women than I had been with the 3/4 women. Not on purpose, but the difference in my attitude was definitely noticeable to me when I thought about it. And it was evident in my position--at the back the entire time with the P/1/2/3s, and in the middle or the front the entire time with the 3/4s.

Mom and Dad knew the photographer, and they convinced him to take a few pictures of me. Thankfully I'm not alone in ALL the pics!

Garmin stats: 56:42, 21.75 miles, 23.0 mph (29.2 max), 184 HR (196 max)
Lap 1 (until I got dropped the first time): 9:10, 3.73 mi, 24.4 mph, 180 HR
Lap 2 (solo and with people): 33:43, 13.03 mi, 23.2 mph, 185 HR
Lap 3 (with the group): 7:50, 2.74 mi, 21.0 mph, 185 HR
Lap 4 (solo until pulled): 5:58, 2.25 mi, 22.6 mph, 185 HR

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ripon TT RR

I really liked the TT course TT today. It felt like there was a fair amount of rolling hills but plenty of descents and flats, too. Because I hadn't preregistered, I was the first to start and knew that everyone behind me was chasing me. Thankfully, I had someone to chase because we had a motorcycle escort. The first girl caught me at mile 5, but I kept her in my sights the entire rest of the race--that is a huge success for me because I didn't just let her ride away. The second and third girls who passed me did so around mile 10, but again I stuck with them and saw all 3 through the end of the race. No one else passed me, so I figured I'd done OK. Then everyone afterward was talking about how they'd done so terribly, so I thought I was even more positive. I found out I'd gotten 8th, in the money. Hooray! Results are here.

Stats from the Garmin: 40:33, 13.45 miles, 19.9 avg (43.8 max), 173 HR (185 HR)
Place: 8 of 17, 41:48 (the winner finished in 39:02)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Schlitz Park Crit RR

Today's crit had one giant hill (giant for a crit course, that is, and 2 blocks long) that made climbing a challenge and descending fun. I will post more later. Here are the official results. Here are the unofficial results:

You know you're in Wisconsin when...

Stats: 32:28, 10.26 miles, 19.0 avg (26.3 max), 176 HR (190 max)
Place: 13 of 23 in the 3/4 field

Monday, June 20, 2011

Greenbush Road Race RR

We did 2 laps of the same loop, each lap just under 10 miles. It took just under 1 hour. Results are here. I was 24 of 32 (or maybe 33 or 42—not sure what are the official results).

Stats: 59:29, 19.99 miles, 20.2 avg (41.8 max), 167 HR (195 max)
Lap 1: 29:18. 10.11 miles (included rollout)
Lap 2: 30:11, 9.88 miles

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Smith and Nephew Omnium Race Reports

Shelly, Cali, Parri, Valerie, Lisa C, me, and Jonell ready to go! (Thanks to Marsha for the pic.)

If I don't recap now I won't remember this race, so because it's late at night this will be a short recap. Saturday morning was the circuit race--4 laps of a 2.3-mile loop. I did great the first 2 laps, felt quite sick the 3rd, and came around the 4th to finish 17th of 22. We had some good head wind and there was a hill, so the course made the race even more interesting. I definitely like the circuit race style.

Saturday afternoon was the time trial--4 miles out and back. Todd set me up with a nice wheel set again and I managed 9:49, which means it was a better average than the 3-mile TT in East TN. It was good enough for 13th of 20.

Sunday morning with the 30-minute state crit. We had 26 women on a very easy course (in that it wasn't technical at all), but the race was hard because we rode hard. I did what I could and ended up in 12th place. I was up closer to the front than I had been last race but still was not close enough to place. Next time! There was a lot of action during the race, which made it fun.

Overall I felt like the weekend was a success for me since I did better each race. Overall it was a success for the team since Cali was 2nd in the omnium (2nd in the circuit race, 2nd in the TT, and 7th in the crit; 3rd Cat 3); Lisa C was 3rd (Cat 4) in the TT; Lisa S and Parri were 2nd and 3rd Cat 2s, respectively, in the crit; and we raced well together.

  • Circuit Race
    • 27:25, 9.15 miles, 20.0 avg (32.9 max), 168 HR (197 max)
    • 17 of 22
  • Time Trial
    • 9:49, 3.74 miles, 22.8 avg (29.2 max), 187 HR (203 max)
    • 13 of 20
  • State Crit
    • 27:05, 10.01 miles, 22.2 avg (29.1 max), 178 HR (200 max)
    • 12 of 26

Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 Minutes of Work

Aunt Renee, Uncle John, Luke, Lauren, Hunter, and I went to Wild Ginger for supper. It was a fun dinner with the family and a great excuse to not ride since I needed a recovery day but had time to spare. So it was dinner instead of riding and 5 minutes of work instead of nothing. Lunge R, Lunge L, bench 30lb, GHR at 80*, standing ham. I was hoping to do curl too but also wanted to get to Inversion, so that was it for the workout. I sure miss Will pushing me!

Psalm 1:1–6

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.

The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind drives away. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

For the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ride to Anna's

This morning I got in a short run before work, and nice walk with Val and lunch, and a long ride after work. It was a good afternoon ride, despite the flat tire. I stopped at Anna's house for water and again at Fieldstone Park, where I got a flat tire. As I was fixing it, Mac from Mac's Harpeth Bikes stopped to help me change it—it's always nice to have someone help even when I can so it because it goes faster with 2 people.

The ride was great. I was happy to find a back way to Anna's house, and I was even happier to get 45 miles in on a week day!

  • 2:37:11, 45.31 mi, 17.3 avg (41.4 max), 158 HR (180 max)
  • Out to Anna's: 1:18:17, 22.79 mi, 17.5 avg, 159 HR
  • Back to Franklin Rd: 1:08:31, 19.67 mi, 17.2 avg, 158 HR
  • Cooldown to home: 10:23, 2.85 mi, 16.5 avg, 157 HR

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cool Springs Short Route

Today was, quite possibly, one of the fastest beginnings to a ride I've ever done. The rollout from Healthways was faster, and the 15 minutes I stayed with the group was faster. My time alone after the split was slightly faster, even though I hit a little wall 11 minutes in. I got over it and kept going, but it was a very distinct feeling of, "Wow, my legs just don't want to go anymore!" Good thing I got over it, because I knew the fast group would be hot on my heels soon.

These Tuesday night rides are turning into something of a mental training exercise for me, and today's work was on staying with a group for a little but then riding in front of the group pretending like they were trying to chase me down. They were, they just didn't know it. They didn't catch me, but I had to work HARD to stay ahead and beat the fast, long group from catching me. I saw two guys just before I turned into the parking lot, which means they were killing it the entire ride.

Stats: 4-19-114-12-115-31-11. 6-07-11.

  • Total: 1:47:30, 31.7 miles, 17.7 avg (35.5 max), 160 HR (193 max)
    Total: 1:46:39, 31.9 miles, 17.9 avg (33.9 max), 151 HR (188 max)
    Total: 1:43:14, 30.82 mi, 17.9 avg (34.6 max), 158 HR (191 max)
    Total: 1:46:17, 31.41 mi, 17.7 avg (37.2 max), 140 HR (189 max)
  • Warm up: 23:38, 5.9 mi, 15.1 avg, 145 HRWarm up: 21:24, 5.9 mi, 16.5 avg, 120 HR
    Warm up + rollout: 28:27, 8.08 mi, 17 avg, 128 HR
    Warm up: 20:13, 5.54 mi, 16.4 avg, 140 HR
  • Rollout: 8:10, 2.33 mi, 17.1 avg, 116 HR
  • Ride: 1:05:04, 20.7 mi, 19.1 avg, 169 HR
    Ride: 1:04:09, 20.9 mi, 19.7 avg, 160 HR
    Ride to route split: 17:32, 6.59 mi, 22.5 mph, 178 HR
    Ride to route split: 15:59, 6.55 mil 24.6 mph, 170 HR
  • Ride to route finish: 12.05 mi, 41:34, 17.4 avg, 168 HR
    Ride to route finish: 12.01 mi, 41:00, 17.6 avg, 148 HR
  • Cool down: 18:47, 5.1 mi, 16.2 avg, 151 HRCool down: 21:03, 5.1 mi, 14.5 avg, 141 HR
    Cool down: 15:39, 4.1 mi, 15.7 avg, 148 HR
    Cool down: 20:51, 4.98 mi, 14.3 avg, 113 HR

Before and after the ride, I did some recycling. We got some great mail: 20% off Qs for Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which my sister really likes), and $10 off Qs for Kohls (no minimum purchase necessary). I found all I could and took them from the trash cans at the 3 mail spots in our complex. And I met a girl, Tina, who was doing the same thing :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

People's Community Bank Omnium Race Report

Me, Val, and Shelly ready to ride fast

The weekend started on Friday afternoon, when Catherine and I left Franklin for Johnson City, TN. I was ready to race and really looking forward to all three races. It didn’t really matter to me that the road race ended with an 8-mile climb and climbing is not one of my strengths. I was getting to race with my teammates, with a bunch of other women we wouldn’t normally race against, and with a few pros. It promised to be a good weekend.

Road Race Course

During the point-to-point road race, the first attack happened after a fairly easy 10 miles. We were approaching a 2-mile climb, and the climbers decided to leave the rest of us in their dust. Cali and Parri made it into the break, and Anna and I made it into the chase group. We had 10 women in our group, and immediately we organized into a double pace line and worked very well together for the next 10 miles.

Anna and me somewhere in the middle of a gaggle of Mystique girls; we were happy to have each other there!

Then came the final climb. I tried to go faster than my normal climbing pace—we were racing, after all! I tried to keep the girls ahead of me in my sights, especially around corners; that meant pushing a little harder right there, but I knew that it would pay off in the mental game because I would still be able to see them and thus still be “with” them. Plus it would hopefully put me just out of sight of the people behind me.

There were mile markers counting down from 5, and they were very helpful. I didn’t want to have to look down at my computer because I was moving so slowly, but I wanted to know how far it was to the top. With 2 miles to go, 2 women from Team Mystique caught up to me. They had been breathing down my neck for a while (basically since the start of the climb), and since they could work together, they were stronger than just me. I caught on with them, we worked together a little, and at the 1-mile marker, I let them get just a little ahead of me. This I knew would push me to climb harder during that last mile and I hoped would make them think they had dropped me. I am not above trying to play games, even if they’re silent games. At the 1-K to go, I got back with them and took the lead; we were about to be passed by the pro men, and if the officials neutralized us, I was not about to loose positions to those women because I’d been hanging back. We didn’t get neutralized, but I kept my place ahead of them and finished in 18th place (out of 32 finishers, I think) in 2:08:46. That was enough for 18 of 33 women Pro/1/2/3/4 and 6 of 11 Cat 3s. Quite possibly my longest 30-mile ride ever. Garmin stats: 2:10:3x, 29.93 miles, 13.8 avg (40.2 max), 170 HR (194 max).

Elevation Data

After doing all that work to get up the mountain, I rode another couple hundred feet to cross the North Carolina state line just because I could. Then Cali, Val, Lisa C, Jonell, and I descended--we couldn't let that hard work go to waste! Garmin descent stats: 28:55, 12.72 miles, 26.4 avg (41.8 max), 116 HR. We waited a few minutes for our rides (Catherine and the nice wheel truck driver) to arrive to take us back to the RR start and our cars and then headed back to the hotel to rest up for the TT.

Todd, Cali, and Anna hard at work

At the TT start area, Todd worked hard and quickly to get us all set up, changing wheels and cassettes, fixing handlebars and stem height, and basically making sure we were all ready to go. While he was setting everyone up, I had some time to sit and prepare for what I'd hoped would be a fast 3 miles.

It was short and sweet, but I wasn't anywhere near as fast as the winner. My time was 7:48, 23.2 mph (26.5 max, 181 HR). The winner's time (granted she's a pro) was 6:52. That is just killing it! I ended up 11 of 12 in Pro/1/2/3. This was my first time on a disc, and I could tell more of a difference with this than with the 1080. I'm grateful Todd could set us all up and let us use these great wheels!

Dinner was late, at Mellow Mushroom, and then it was up for more on Sunday morning. Today was crit day.

The P/1/2/3/4 field

I really enjoy crits and was definitely looking forward to this one. The course is one of the most technical courses we will do, the field was one of the larger ones we've been in, and the women were some of the better competition we've had.

Crit Course

I was excited and knew it would start fast, so I was ready from the whistle. One girl took off from the very start, and I was able to mostly stay with her for nearly 2 laps. She was moving, and she was so smooth around every corner--I just couldn't keep with her around any of them and instead sat behind her amazed at how smooth she was. After 2 laps Todd said to wait for help, and I got caught by the field (which Cali was in) of about 19 women.

Cali and me—evidently I wasn't at the back of our group the entire time, just at the wrong time

Cali and I stayed with that group the rest of the race, Cali won a few sprints, and I stayed near the back, for some reason unable to make myself move up in the field. That was not good, because I knew what the finish was like and that if I was too far back I wouldn't have any bit of chance to even make a move, much less a difference. Thus I ended at the back at the finish, 17 of 33 (9 of 12 in the Cat 3s). I knew I should've moved up, and Todd kept telling me to move up, but for some reason I didn't. It hurt me and my team's overall standings, and I was disappointed at my lack of risk and aggressiveness. Garmin stats: 29:36, 11.18 miles, 22.7 avg (27.7 max), 174 HR (192 max).

However, the weekend itself was so much fun. I raced hard and learned a lot (like the better you can take corners, the more likely you are to win; that girl went on to solo the entire 30 minutes and win the crit, after she'd won the RR and TT the day before); I had a blast with my team; I rode really well, even on the climb; I went all out on the first 2 laps of the crit and eventually will be able to stay with or be the leader; I got stronger physically and mentally. Still learning, still growing, still trying to glorify God. Catherine and I got home safe and sound and all I wanted to do was take a nap—ahhh, the feeling of exhaustion after a fun, hard weekend.

RR: 2:08:46, 29.93 miles, 13.9 avg (40.2 max), 170 HR (194 max)
TT: 0:07:48, 3.02 miles, 23.2 avg (26.5 max), 181 HR (195 max)
Crit: 0:29:36, 11.18 miles, 22.7 avg (27.7 max), 174 HR (192 max)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Riding Outside

I love the LORD, because He has heard my voice and my supplications.
Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.
- Psalm 116:1–2

In Inversion, we are studying through the Psalms, and today's lesson was amazing. We spent some time in individual and corporate conversation with God—that was so good for my heart, just to be still and listen and say what I'd been thinking. It was also humbling.

LORD, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that You are mindful of him?
Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.
- Psalm 144:3–4

This was a fun loop!

I got in a little ride before Inversion, 30 miles of fun. 1:37:45, 30.02 miles, 18.4 avg (35.1 max), 160 HR (182 max).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Celebration

At work (because it's been 90* outside and I didn't want to to go out), I did 100 altitude drops (lunge, standing ham) and 20 altitude drops (front and lateral delt) with weights that I brought from home. I dropped one weight only once, which was 1 more time than I should have but thankfully only 1 time (since I was in the stairwell and it was not a pretty sound).

Then after work, I headed over to Anna S's house to celebrate my birthday. We went for a long, hot walk around her new neighborhood then enjoyed some cookie cake she'd picked up. It was delicious and though I have it at home to enjoy, it will be going to work with me tomorrow lest I consume it all (because I definitely could!).