Sunday, June 19, 2011

Smith and Nephew Omnium Race Reports

Shelly, Cali, Parri, Valerie, Lisa C, me, and Jonell ready to go! (Thanks to Marsha for the pic.)

If I don't recap now I won't remember this race, so because it's late at night this will be a short recap. Saturday morning was the circuit race--4 laps of a 2.3-mile loop. I did great the first 2 laps, felt quite sick the 3rd, and came around the 4th to finish 17th of 22. We had some good head wind and there was a hill, so the course made the race even more interesting. I definitely like the circuit race style.

Saturday afternoon was the time trial--4 miles out and back. Todd set me up with a nice wheel set again and I managed 9:49, which means it was a better average than the 3-mile TT in East TN. It was good enough for 13th of 20.

Sunday morning with the 30-minute state crit. We had 26 women on a very easy course (in that it wasn't technical at all), but the race was hard because we rode hard. I did what I could and ended up in 12th place. I was up closer to the front than I had been last race but still was not close enough to place. Next time! There was a lot of action during the race, which made it fun.

Overall I felt like the weekend was a success for me since I did better each race. Overall it was a success for the team since Cali was 2nd in the omnium (2nd in the circuit race, 2nd in the TT, and 7th in the crit; 3rd Cat 3); Lisa C was 3rd (Cat 4) in the TT; Lisa S and Parri were 2nd and 3rd Cat 2s, respectively, in the crit; and we raced well together.

  • Circuit Race
    • 27:25, 9.15 miles, 20.0 avg (32.9 max), 168 HR (197 max)
    • 17 of 22
  • Time Trial
    • 9:49, 3.74 miles, 22.8 avg (29.2 max), 187 HR (203 max)
    • 13 of 20
  • State Crit
    • 27:05, 10.01 miles, 22.2 avg (29.1 max), 178 HR (200 max)
    • 12 of 26

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