Friday, February 28, 2014

Kroger Trip

I had one of the best coupons ever: $25 off $50 at Kroger! Armed with my list and my (very few other) Qs, I hit the store. Here's what I walked out with:

● Ground turkey: $5.49 (4.99 sale)
● Oats: $3.89
● Chocolate milk: $2.50
● Almond milk (2): $1.99 (3.98) -2×0.55/1 MQs, $2.88 total
● Tortilla chips: $2.99) (2.19 sale)
● Eggs: $1.89
● MetRx bar: $1.99 (1.67 sale -1.00 MQ), $0.99 total
● Clif Shot Blox (3): 2.49 (7.47) (3/$5 sale), $5.00 total
● Cauliflower: $3.79 (1.50 sale)
● Broccoli: $2.59 (1.50 sale)
● Peanut butter (2): $1.45 (2.90)
● Honey stinger: $1.29
● Premier protein bar: $1.25 (0.00/free with KQ)
● Aquafina sparkling water: $1.00 (0.00/free with KQ)
● Snickers bar: $0.89
● Bananas: $0.75
● Toilet brush: $6.39
● Plunger: $4.99
● Toilet paper: $4.99
● Toothpaste: $1.19
● Non-latex gloves: $1.65
● Q-tips: $1.49
● Toilet cleaner: $1.99
● Nail polish remover: $1.00
● Tax: $3.09
● Total: $34.69
● Saved: $39.56

Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Links for This Week

Here are some of my faves for the week.

David Wise: Gold-medal winner getting berated for his "alternative lifestyle" of a wife and kid??? A post-run interview video is here.
Cedar Hill Crit: Equal payouts for the women. I love a race that treats us well, and Cedar Hill does that!
Another winter storm. When Southwest gets their mobile app working on my Droid device, they'll be the best. They're already pretty close.
The Pros and Their Coaches by Slowtwitch. I love this stuff.

This week's workouts have been totally up and down. Saturday I lifted more weights than I probably should have. Thursday I am still trying to recover. It probably didn't help that Sunday I rode 50/jogged 2, Monday I ran a very hard 8.65, Tuesday I tried to ride (lasted 45 minutes), Wednesday I swam 500/rode 23 outside (BEAUTIFUL), and this morning I ran another 6. I'm ready for a rest day!

Friday, February 14, 2014

$10 at Kroger

This is what $10 got me at Kroger this week. $1 each for four pineapples and six 6-oz blackberry containers. I'm thinking summer and smoothies!

Pineapple, blackberries, and a Valentines card from my grandma :-)

The pineapples were $3.99 regularly ($15.96), and the blackberries were $1.99 regularly ($11.94). That means I saved $17.90, or 64%. For all that fruit, that's a good shopping trip in by book.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Link Roundup for the Week

Here are my favorite links to click through this week.

Interview with six Seattle Seahawks players/coaches by Mark Driscoll
Part of Peyton Manning's legacy -- NFL video about thank you notes
Runners World Rapid Muscle Response workout video
Sports Spectrum video interview with the Seahawks
Making of a Champion short documentary video about the Seahawks
Ironman free-entry contest
Tim Tebow makes lemonade by BreakPoint
"What Answer for the Wicked Human Heart" podcast series from Ravi Zacharias; because the heart is deceitful about all else and desperately wicked.
Dude Perfect, whose YouTube videos are very entertaining
Bicycling Magazine's interview with Carmen Small. Classy lady. I've raced with her and she is strong (and by "with" I mean at the back of the pack she was probably leading) My favorite quote from the interview:
BM: Do you think that doping is an issue in women’s cycling?

CS: I hope not. I really hope not. And then I tend to say no because the money’s not there. All of these girls [on my team] are clean and we’re the best. If the other girls are doing something, then they’re not doing it right because they’re not beating us. So I really, really believe that it’s not a part of the culture in women’s cycling.

Feel free to add in the comments any links you want to share!

This week was the first of workouts with Kat--a couple runs at race pace, rides at Todd's, and swimming. All the fun stuff, plus some time in the gym. So far, so good!