Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ripon TT RR

I really liked the TT course TT today. It felt like there was a fair amount of rolling hills but plenty of descents and flats, too. Because I hadn't preregistered, I was the first to start and knew that everyone behind me was chasing me. Thankfully, I had someone to chase because we had a motorcycle escort. The first girl caught me at mile 5, but I kept her in my sights the entire rest of the race--that is a huge success for me because I didn't just let her ride away. The second and third girls who passed me did so around mile 10, but again I stuck with them and saw all 3 through the end of the race. No one else passed me, so I figured I'd done OK. Then everyone afterward was talking about how they'd done so terribly, so I thought I was even more positive. I found out I'd gotten 8th, in the money. Hooray! Results are here.

Stats from the Garmin: 40:33, 13.45 miles, 19.9 avg (43.8 max), 173 HR (185 HR)
Place: 8 of 17, 41:48 (the winner finished in 39:02)

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