Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Negative Split Work

Today's swim was not easy. I felt like I was sinking when I started, but I tried to work hard. My legs didn't seem to want to kick hard. But I just kept thinking about how much faster I have to get if I want to be really competitive, dug in, and did all 2,000 yards (with flippers for the cd):
  • 350 wu
  • 8×25 drill
  • 11×100@5sec (1:33.62, 1:40.06, 1:41.55, 1:40.57, 1:41.14, 1:41.51, 1:43.43, 1:41.41, 1:42.27, 1:40.62, 1:39.63 [19:27.52 total]; 1:40.55 average, times rounded up)
  • 350 cd
Yesterday's times (1:35.57 average): 9×100@5sec (1:27.73, 1:34.50, 1:35.64, 1:36.45, 1:36.45, 1:36.51, 1:38.96, 1:37.63, 1:37.94 [15:12.34 total])
Last Wednesday's times (1:46): 10×100@5sec (1:30.88, 1:42.95, 1:48.07, 1:48.92, 1:47.97, 1:46.32, 1:47.42, 1:47.93, 1:52.66, 1:48.92 [18:30.01 total])
Last Tuesday's times (1:39.55): 8×100@5sec (1:35, 1:38.38, 1:40.79, 1:41.15, 1:40.96, 1:39.34, 1:39.02, 1:39.92)

I know I'm not going to drop a lot of time every day, but if I can at least stay consistent from day to day and drop a little at a time, maybe a few seconds every couple weeks, I think I'll be happy.

I had been hoping to run outside but also needed groceries, so I stopped at MFY for a treadmill run. I like my new K-Swiss shoes! I shouldn't have gone 40 minutes for y first run in them, tho, because the final 5-10 minutes were slightly painful (blisters were forming on my heels). But I had a revelation during this run: If I want fulfill my goals, it's not going to cost me nothing. It might hurt, it might be had, but if I'm going to succeed, I'm going to have to get through all that. The goal for today was to run each mile faster than the previous. They weren't fast, and I warmed up for a good 5 minutes, but I achieved my goal!
  1. 9:21, 156 HR
  2. 8:06, 173 HR
  3. 8:03, 176 HR
  4. 7:57, 179 HR
  5. 7:36, 182 HR
I broke this into eight 5-minute intervals and did the first 30 minutes that way. Then I changed to ten 1-minute intervals to finish. It might have been odd, and I was talking to myself the entire time trying to encourage myself to stay strong and run right and have fun so people walking past probably thought it odd, but it worked. Now I just have to continue increasing the pace and I'll be good to go. My average HR was 169, max HR was 188.

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