Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Workout

I didn't have the most time today, and even though Monday's are supposed to be my days off, I decided to do my first day of workouts from Will. It went well. I worked hard and was happy with how I felt, especially after nearly a week off.

5 on, 5 off, through 40
  • Lunge on crates (I used the aerobic steps, and unfortunately they kept sliding; I might have to try something different next time)
  • 1-leg squat (I have yet to enjoy or appreciate this one, but I did it all)
  • Glute ham
  • Squat with light bar, slightly below parallel (crazy hard!)
  • Push up on knees
  • Preacher curl
  • Scap pull up
  • Crate crunch
I think I was distracted by more people than ever before, which makes me appreciate our non-distracting, Cabana workouts even more. Someone asked me about my shoes. Someone else was trying to recruit people for Pilates Reformer classes. A lady recognized me from volleyball. One of Lauren's friends was there. It's a good thing I was determined to finish everything before we went to supper, and I really had to work hard to keep myself from being even more distracted.

Then it was off to meet Beth, Kristie, Lisa, and Yvonne for dinner at Jasmine Thai in Cool Springs. I doubt I've ever eaten Thai food before, and it was spicy! But then we got some good, sweet dessert: Fried bananas with honey and mango ice cream. Yum.

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