Saturday, February 20, 2010


It has been absolutely beautiful today. It didn't warm up until later, so I rode my 1:15 on the trainer and then headed outside for my 30-min run. I broke the ride into 5 15-minute segments, getting off the bike after each one and doing a 1-min scap pull up. I knew I wouldn't do the entire 5 minutes, and this was a good way to get it done. Plus it got me riding but let me get off my bike. I am looking forward to 2 days in a row not having to sit on my seat.

The run was my 4+ mile out and back from the apt. Total, it took me 43 minutes to do the 4 miles. I ran 30 and an additional 47 seconds to make it back to the corner into the complex. Then I did my 2×20 second strides (which I'm not really sure what they are, but I at least got my legs moving a little faster for 20 seconds). I still felt very tired, but it was so nice going outside! I also did the crate crunch from yesterday, which means I omitted push up (tried and failed), 1-leg squat (tried and failed because I don't have a good bench), and wall squat.

For a fun activity, I joined Anna and Josh at Otter Creek Church for a little dance lesson. We went expecting to learn Swing but ended up on the side of the gym that was learning the Cha Cha. We missed the very beginning and thus the basic steps but tried to pick it up as the instructors went along. This was not easy, as there were 100+ people there and it wasn't as if they could have stopped and waited for each person who didn't get it. Eventually I partnered up with a guy named Mark who actually helps instruct Ballroom dancing. So I did pick up a little, but he was trying to go through about 18 new steps and moves with me and I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed. I didn't stay for the actual open-floor dancing due to an increasing headache and stomachache. Neither did I much mind, since the open dancing was swing and I know so little of that I would have just sat on the side and watched, feeling intimidated.

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