Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This has been one of the oddest winters for me. Usually I have and Ironman to look forward to and thus am fairly focused on maintaining volume so I don't have to jump into long rides and runs without being prepared. This season I have one half-Ironman race at the very end of the season and the rest of my races are the significantly shorter Olympic-distance races. All that means that the training will be different—it will likely take less time but it will be at higher intensities and higher speeds.

When I told Will I didn't really want to keep up the 10 workouts a week we'd been doing, he said that was fine...as long as I took the same intensity and focus that we had during those workouts and translated it to the road. After looking at the schedule a little, I know I can do it and am glad that we've been working so hard the last 12 weeks. I will be jumping into 4 swims, 4 rides, and 4 runs in the first week!

Today I spent most of the afternoon working through my training schedule, getting 4 full weeks into my spreadsheet on the computer. If I keep that up, I'll finish the first 16-week cycle before the end of the week and have time to start on the second 20-week cycle. I'm excited and sad at the same time—I will miss spending most of my time with Will!

He called me this evening and enlisted me to help him pack. I was shocked and hadn't expected to hear from him, but I was thrilled and went over there. He put me to work cleaning up his computer while he filled suitcases and tried to get rid of stuff. We took one load out, and he called it a day. Hopefully he'll get off early and safely in the morning.

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