Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Circle Swimming

Today's swim was a good, hard, eventful one. I had to circle-swim with Bob and another guy (who had never circle-swum before), was faster than both of them, tried my best to take only my allotted 5-seconds rest, was getting scissor-kicked from both sides by a lady in my lane (before she finished and the other guys game) and a man in the lane next to me. I tried to keep my focus and felt like I succeeded. The 1,900 yards looked like this:
  • 350 wu
  • 8×25 drills
  • 10×100@5sec rest: 1:30.88, 1:42.95, 1:48.07, 1:48.92, 1:47.97, 1:46.32, 1:47.42, 1:47.93, 1:52.66, 1:48.92 (18:30.01 total)
  • 350 cd
Due to all the distractions/trying to not run into my lane mates/trying to avoid getting kicked/trying to swim well/trying to get to the wall without hitting anyone and still flip-turn, my hundred times today are slightly slower than my hundred times from yesterday's 8×100@5sec (1:35, 1:38.38, 1:40.79, 1:41.15, 1:40.96, 1:39.34, 1:39.02, 1:39.92).

I ran the prescribed 40 minutes after work. On the treadmill while watching Curling and Women's Hockey in the Olympics. Not my first choice, but I wasn't prepared to run outside in the sub-40-degree weather. I really hope it warms up soon.

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