Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old Hickory Lake Tri

Some day I'll learn to use my arms effectively while I run

This triathlon is slightly different from other sprint tris because it is a swim/run/bike/run. The 5K run is split up into two 1.5-mile legs. I knew that and had been practicing it, so I felt pretty comfortable during the first run leg. Based on the number of people I passed, I would guess that most people weren't as comfortable!

I finally got a win, too, in this the 5th race of my season. I didn't win overall, but I won my age group in convincing fashion (9 minutes ahead of the 2nd place girl). I was still 4 minutes behind 1st place, but I was close felt great the entire race.
  • 383 finishers, 127 females (7 relays), 255 males
  • 10 of 126 females, 1 of 21 in age, 42 of 383 overall (might include relays; and according to an email I got, I was 39 of 311; not sure about the conflicting results—maybe relays?)
  • The first-place female's times were 1:06:45 total, 6:22 swim, 11:38 R1, 2:24 T1, 35:42 bike, 10:41 R2 (first place male was 1:00:01).
  • Total time: 1:10:45
  • Swim: 6:53
  • T1 + R1: 12:39
  • T2: 1:14
  • Bike: 38:29
  • T3 + R2: 11:32
My 6:53 swim time was #14 of the 120, and the fastest was 5:38 (4:59 for males).
My 12:39 T1 + R1 time was #16, and the fastest of 10:55 (9:42 for males).

My 1:14 T2 time was tied for #7, and the fastest was 1:05 (0:56 for males).
My 38:29 bike time was #8, and the fastest was 35:42 (my goal) (33:02 for males).

Note to self: the bike-to-run transition area is nasty. Keep shoes on feet, not on the bike!
My 11:32 R2 time was #20, and the fastest was 9:52 (she beat me by 1 second) (8:03).

The seat and crossbar should be parallel
This is what I rode on during today's race. At the first corner, my seat moved, and I refused to stop and try to fix it. I managed and didn't lose my focus.

The home-made cheese crackers I made didn't turn out quite like I was expecting. You should be able to microwave little pieces a slice of cheese for 60–90 seconds and then they come out like Cheez-Its.

Home-made cheese-its
I know it works because Delana brought some to work the other day. I asked what she zapped them on, and she said parchment paper. Well, while I was at Publix and WalMart, I noticed that wax paper is significantly cheaper than parchment paper and both are microwavable; I didn't know any other difference, and neither did Will. So I thought no big deal, I'll use the wax paper. Well, the cheese didn't come off so well. It seemed to melt (to) the paper. But they did taste good, and pretty much just like Cheez-Its!

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