Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Slow Run, Criterium

Ready to go: Laura, Marsha, Jessica, Stephanie, Jen, Roxanne, Lisa S, Valerie, Rachel, Lisa C, Shelly, Kelly, Parri, Amanda, Jonell, and Anna
My attempt to run this morning depressed me. I ran, but it was slow. I just could not get my legs to move fast, and it wasn't even hilly at all!
  • 20:00, 2.23 miles, 8:57 pace (7:13 best), 263 cal, 155 HR (185 max)
The lunch-time swim went slightly better. I got in the outside pool with two other guys in my lane--one was super slow (he warned up) and the other was wearing flippers so he and I were pretty comparable. Slowman got out after a couple hundred, and Finman moved to one side of the lane. I let him start before I did so we wouldn't swim side-by-side the entire time, but every time I almost caught him I had to rest. I didn't do the entire workout (1,100 instead of 2,000), but I worked hard during the yardage I did swim. That doesn't mean I'm fast, though. I should be doing 200s at closer to 3 minutes than 4 minutes. Even 3:20 would be good. Maybe eventually I'll get there.
  • 350 warm up
  • 6×50 drills
  • 5×200@10 2×200@10: 3:53, 4:06
  • 350 cool down
Then I sat poolside for a few minutes to try to get a little sun. My back will be well-tanned before the end of the summer!

Tonight was the second of 10 criteriums put on by The women's field was probably one of the biggest ever: 16 women! I managed to catch a little bit of the action on video, and I enjoyed watching the 20-minute race in the heat.

The group out front is Marsha (Nashville Cyclist), Lisa C (Belladium), Jessica (unattached), and Anna (Belladium). The second group is Shelly (Belladium), Valerie (Belladium), Jennifer (Velo Bella), Lisa S (Team Belladium), Laura (Nashville Cyclist), Rachel (SVMIC), Stephanie (Nashville Cyclist), Roxanne (Nashville Cyclist), Amanda (unattached), Kathy (unattached), Parri (Belladium), and Jonell (Belladium)

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