Sunday, June 27, 2010


Blueberry pie, before being baked
For whatever reason, my legs were super tired today. I ran a few sprints in the middle of my 4.5-mile run/walk, did some 5-min extreme slows (glute ham, preacher curl, lunge), and relaxed the rest of the day. So much for a 2,000 swim and a 1:30 run.

Then I had some fun and made blueberry pie with the free blueberries I got at Publix. It turned out OK, but I would suggest not using only whole wheat flour for the crust and not using frozen blueberries. The sugar/cinnamon mixture didn't mix with the berries and pretty much just settled at the bottom of the pie. This added flavor to the crust, but it didn't taste like a traditional blueberry pie (even though it came from the very traditional Betty Crocker cookbook. I took a piece to Nancy to say hi, and the rest is going to work with me.

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