Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Report

Mmmmm...peanut butter!

I'm going to have to wrap up the weekend's activities in one report. I don't have time to write multiple blogs, plus I might have forgotten all that went on and don't have pictures from everything. Friday morning was a great workout with Cali and Anna: 1 minute of isos, 50 phasic reps, repeat for 3 total sets.

  • Lunge, hip flexion
  • GHR, hip extension
  • Push up, bentover row
  • Pull up, bentover front delt

Then after lunch with Will I was off on a beautiful 1:15 ride with Valerie (and Jeremy and Brett, who we ran into on the road). Then dinner, which was kind of like a meeting that God had prepared me really well for.

Saturday morning, Catherine and I were going to ride but ended up not. Instead, I did a little baking for work Monday when we have our Boson pie bake off. Unfortunately no pics of the pie; maybe they'll come Monday. But I did take pics of my other treat: Peanut butter rice krispie bars.

It was really nice all day, and I was happy to sit outside with Sunny and Bailey and watch Will and Zack play their annual turkey bowl flag football game. They won, which made it even more exciting. Oh, and I did 2 minutes of isos, lunge, while playing. Didn't accomplish a lot training-wise today!

Saturday after church we went to Todd's house to celebrate our Ragnar accomplishment. He put together a great recap movie that we all enjoyed (which I'll try to put up if I remember), and then Todd, Rebekah, Brad, Andy, and Todd's kids and I played a little rock band. It's impossible to face the singing part when you don't know the song, but I got pretty good at faking the drums and guitar.

Sunday morning's activity was so much fun. Valerie and Lisa S were racing in a cross race in Murfreesboro that I went out to watch.

Valerie getting up the hill--it was a short, steep monster

David, Lee's husband, was racing too

Anna, Lisa C, Cali, and I (and a bunch of others) went out to cheer them on. They both ended up second in their respective races, and both put on a great showing, crossing barriers, navigating through mud and some single-track paths, and climbing hills all while riding fast.

Valerie and Jessica about to hit one of the barriers

I did end up finishing my 5 minutes of work throughout the day (legs in the morning and arms in the afternoon):

  • Lunge
  • Standing ham (was supposed to have been GHR at top, but I was at home)
  • Z-squat
  • Push up
  • Plate front delt, 5lb
  • Curl, 10lb dumbbells

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