Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Early Morning Workout--Travel Day

Thanksgiving is this weekend, and I plan to spend it with my family. That meant getting up early this morning, doing a good workout, picking up a friend, taking her to the airport, and getting to work all before 6:30. It's amazing how much you can get done early when you have to get it done!

The morning's workout was 5 on, 5 off, thru 40, which I'd thought was supposed to be Monday's and then thru 60 today. However, I would not have had nearly enough time to get thru 60 done today (I got to the Y right as they were opening the doors) and still hustled through the thru 40 workout that I had to do. But, I did everything well, fast (that is, fast between exercises), and with a fair attitude.

  • 1-leg squat
  • GHR
  • Squat with stick (only, without the stick for most of it)
  • Scap pull up
  • Preacher curl, 20-lb bar
  • Push up

Off to get Anna, off to the airport then to work, back to the airport, and on to Pennsylvania!

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