Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today's workout was a repeat of Saturday's but went significantly better from start to finish:

  • GHR 40 seconds; 10 quick-style squats; 1-leg dead lift RIGHT leg, 10 reps, 45-lb bar; rebound 1-leg squat, RIGHT leg back, 30 reps
  • Switch legs, then repeat, doing 3 times each leg
  • 1-arm bench press, 25 lb, 3 breaths at top, 3 reps, switch arms, 6 sets of 3 each arm
  • Rebound bent-over 1-arm row, 25-lb bar (or less or 15-lb or so dumbbell), 3 reps, switch arms, 6 sets of 3 each arm
  • Crate crunch, 3×30 quick-style reps

I did the leg work and the bench press before Valerie got there and we did the workout Todd, coach of Team Belladium, recommended. We did a good 15 minutes on the spin bikes to warm up a little, and then we started the real workout. For everything, we were supposed to do around 2 sets of 10, and that's about what I did except where otherwise noted.

  • Squat: 75lb
  • Lunge: 15lb quick-style (because I could)
  • Step up: 15lbm, 10 times each leg for each set
  • Step over: 10 times each leg for each set
  • Push up: 10 push ups
  • Triceps push up: 10 push ups; repeat push up and triceps push up
  • Inverted pull up (laying on ground, pulling up on a 3-foot high bar)
  • Single-arm row: 20-lb dumbbell, 6 sets of 3 rebound
  • Alphabet: write the capital alphabet with your leg, not just your ankle
  • Plank: 1 set, front, side, side, 45 sec each
  • Crate crunch: 30 quick-style reps
  • Take aways: 1 set
  • Reverse: 1 set
  • Crate Crunch: 30 quick-style reps; repeat plank, crunch, take aways, and reverse

Will asked whether I did them all fast, because I'd said it wasn't that hard of a workout and I was having fun. Yes, he would have been proud at how fast and hard I was working.

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