Monday, November 1, 2010

Impulse Workout IV

It was so nice outside today that I did this workout outside. Thankfully I found a quiet-ish spot outside the CSY where there was little traffic so I could focus on the phasic/impulse exercises before I went in to do the last exercise. Honestly, I wanted to run today, but that wasn't on my list nor on Will's, so I did this with as good an attitude as I could muster. Similar to October 28.

These were all phasic exercises that will hopefully help me be fast (since they basically make you turn your muscles on and off as quickly as possible). It was the same methodics for all exercises: 10 reps, 1 breath, 15 reps, 1 breath, 20 reps, 2 breaths, 25 reps, 2 breaths, 30 reps, 3 breaths, 35 rest, 3 breaths, 40 reps.

  • Standing lateral delt
  • Bent over front delt
  • Leg curl
  • Leg extension
  • Standing front delt
  • Biceps curl
  • Hip flexion
  • Hip extension

The last on the list was 1-leg dead lift, 30 each side, 45-lb bar. I was not happy about having to use a bar; I don't really feel like I can control it at all and it moves all over the place. But I did it with this attitude that it will make me fast and strong. Some guy commented on what I was doing and I said just that, and he said, "Hmm, I guess I just doing it to maintain." I don't know whether he thought I was crazy or he thought he should have had a different goal

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