Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: 1-Leg Drills

Today's CompuTrainer class was a fun one. Lisa, Anna, Parri, and I (and Shelly if she weren't injured) are the Team Belladium representatives in this class, and we always enjoy seeing each other and chatting before, during, and after class (especially when Parri bakes!). But we also know how to work hard. Today was no different, and Todd definitely kept us pedaling hard all class! Though we didn't have a 2-mile effort at the beginning of the class like we did last week.

I started out with a 15 minute warm up. The sooner I can get on the bike the better, because often I have to leave early to make sure I get a shower and then to work on time. Then the real workout started.

  • 1:30 total, 139 HR (185 max), at least 23 miles (plus whatever I did in the first 15 minutes)
  • 10 min aerobic warm up, 156 HR
  • 3 min break, then 10 min slightly more aerobic work, 167 HR
  • 2 min break, then five 2-min 105–110 cadence intervals with 1 min rest between, 134 HR (pretty sure that's not right)
  • 4 min break, then four 2- or 3-min 110 cadence intervals with 1 min rest between, 140 HR (definitely wrong)
  • 4 min cool down

I'd wanted to swim in the afternoon, but I also wanted to go to the CSY, which has no pool. So I called Will for another workout:

  • 1-leg dead lift, bar only, 30 reps each side, 2 times each leg
  • GHR, 10×3
  • Leg extension, 200 tonic (smooth, keep constant tension)
  • Leg curl, 200 tonic (smooth, keep constant tension)
  • 1-arm bench press, 20 lb, 10 deep breaths, 1 rep, 20 times each arm
  • Curl to press, light bar, 5 minutes

This workout was ridiculous. The dead lifts were more mentally taxing than physically taxing, and I felt like I spent more time trying to get and keep my balance than do any work. The bench press, the 14 I completed on each arm, took me 30 minutes. The arm I was using started to go numb, my face started to go numb, I was having difficulty pressing up, and my arm was shaking. I made it through 14 on the first arm before I collapsed, then I forced myself to do 14 on the second arm (with at least 3 breaks) only because that's how many I'd done on the first arm. I was hungry and not happy when I finished but felt much better after eating something.

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