Sunday, November 14, 2010

Team Belladium Wedding Ride

Katie, Lynn, Jen, Sarah, Olga, Alanna, Shelly, Anna, Lisa S, Jonell, Cali, Allie, Parri, Catherine, Valerie, me
Not pictured: Shawn and David, who rode; Lisa C, Lee, Todd, and John who didn't ride

Today we were celebrating teammate Jonell's wedding during and after our ride, and that made for a fun afternoon. We met at Lisa's for what was supposed to have been a 2-hour ride, but Parri, Valerie, and I turned around right after the half-hour mark and headed back. I needed something of a recovery day (as did the other two), and that was our way of getting it.

  • 1:05:04, 18.86 mi, 17.4 avg (28.8 max), 1,080 cal, 164 HR (190 max)
  • 32:08, 9.95 mi, 18.6 avg, 158 HR
  • 32:55, 8.91 mi, 16.2 avg, 171 HR

Interesting that my HR was much higher during the slower, easier ride back..

Back at Lisa's, we admired her daughters' decorations before digging in to the munchies and delicious cake. I looked in on the Titans' game once to see that they were losing, but for the most part we just hung around the food (we definitely know how to eat well!) and chatted, meeting a couple new women and making a new friend. These kind of days are the best!

Lynn, me, Allie, and Lee

Lynn, me, Alanna, and Allie

Oh, yeah, and I went to Farkases' to help Lauren learn a little about coupons and find some good deals on canned goods for her school's canned food drive. Not training-related at all, but it was fun for me and hopefully for her too!

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