Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cycling Camp

Today was the first day of Coach Todd's cycling camp. Well, he's been teaching them for a while; it was the first day I attended. This cycle is 5 weeks of base preparation, and the crew includes some of the Nashville area's finest female cyclists: Lisa S, Lisa C, Lee, Parri, and Cali. There are others, but we managed to coordinate us being in one class together. Plus they are all on Team Belladium and we ride together every week, and I am excited that we can all get stronger and faster together. I am looking forward to a day when we do a race or time trial! (We had two others, Jennifer and Lane, in the class to fill up the 8 spots.)

According to the CompuTrainer, we rode somewhere around 25 miles during the 1:12 or so class. It was a pretty steady ride with a few high-cadence intervals thrown in. I love all the real-time stats: Threshold (mine was set at 160, which was way too low), Speed, Distance, Watts (115-130), W/kg (around 1.2-1.6), HR (around 150; will verify), and cadence (between 90 and 115). Not only can you see your own, though, you can see all that of everyone in the class. Hooray for competition!

The afternoon workout was a short one (definitely not complaining):
  • Glute ham: At the top, 10 deep breaths, do one rep fast, repeat for 10 total reps
  • Bentover dumbbell row: 10-lb weight, 100 rebounds. Will had to remind me to make sure that my back was parallel to the ground and that one hip wasn't higher than the other. And to go fast and through the dumbbell.

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