Sunday, November 22, 2009

Run; Bike Mishap

We didn't run yesterday, so we went this morning at 9:30 to Pinkerton Park to improve on last week's times and distances. Improve I did—hooray!

Here are the results from today and the last two times (Nov 14 and Nov 1):
  • 10:52, 1.84 miles, 5:54 pace, 146 HR (185 max); 10:39, 1.79 miles, 5:58 pace, 137 HR (200 max); 8 minutes, 1.33 miles, 6:03 pace, 150 HR (197 max) HR
  • Lap 1: 2:28, 5:55 pace (4:54 best), 0.42 miles; 1:48, 5:33 pace (4:57 best), 0.33 miles; 1:26, 6:00 pace (5:14 best), 0.25 miles
  • Lap 2: 1:58, 5:59 pace (5:21 best), 0.33 miles; 1:56, 5:55 pace (4:55 best), 0.33 miles; 5:22 best pace
  • Lap 3: 1:33, 5:59 pace (5:24 best), 0.26 miles; 1:41, 5:48 pace (4:51 best), 0.29 miles; 5:22 best pace
  • Lap 4: 1:37, 5:36 pace (4:22 best), 0.29 miles; 1:39, 5:39 pace (4:53 best), 0.29 miles; 1:27, 6:03 pace (5:25 best), 0.25 mi
  • Lap 5: 1:56, 6:08 pace (5:18 best), 0.32 miles; 1:58, 7:16 pace (2:42 best!?!?), 0.27 miles; 1:28, 5:42 pace (5:03 best), 0.26 mi
  • Lap 6: 1:19, 5:44 pace (5:16 best), 0.23 miles; 1:34, 5:45 pace (5:20 best), 0.27 miles; 1:10, 5:54 pace (5:08 best), 0.20 mi
This run was so much fun. I never leave this in a frustrated state. I get only one chance to run per week, and even though I'm running only 2 miles, I'm running hard and feel good. If I continue adding time and distance to each one, I'll eventually achieve 1 continuous mile, and then 2, and then 3.1, and eventually 6.2. If only Will could stay around that long!

We got back about 11, and I had enough time to have some lunch but not really think about recovering before heading over to Lisa's to join Anna, Lisa, Mary Beth, Lee, and Jen for a ride. It was supposed to have been about 2 hours. We took a slightly different route to the first sprint sign and had less time to think about it, but Lee saw it right away and offered to lead me out. How could I refuse? She had an awesome lead out: solid, slow increase in speed. I waited until she stood up and then considered going when Mary Beth went around me on the right. I had to react right then, got on her wheel, then overtook her just before the line. She said she was in the wrong gear, and it was a good thing because I didn't have any more gears! But I did remember to be on the hoods.

Not long after that, I dropped my chain climbing up a hill, tried desperately to get it back on, failed, and managed to get the chain stuck between the rear cassette and the spokes. That totally messed up the derailleur, and I was unable to finish the ride. So, we called Jack to come rescue me. He looked at my bike later and pulled/pushed everything back into position, concluding that it was the derailleur hanger, not the frame like I'd originally thought, so hopefully I can get a replacement piece shortly and be back on the road.

Those two blue pieces aren't supposed to be quite that separated; it looked way worse before Jack fixed it!

Stats from my part of the ride (which in total ended up being about 1:30, I heard):
  • 25:30, 7.25 miles, 17.0 avg (29.2 max—sprinting into the wind!), 394 cal, 143 HR (192 max)
When I got home, I opened my Pampered Chef bag: A new cutting board, sharp knife, and good cheese-cutting knife. Hooray! And my sister's Christmas present. I'd forgotten what I'd ordered for her, so that was a surprise. But I know she'll like it and use it.

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