Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Volleyball Champs!

Extreme slow, 3 minutes:
  • Push up
  • Push up
  • Curl, 15-lb dumbbells
  • Curl, 15-lb dumbbells (about halfway through, I could not lift the dumbbells up to restart--that was a lot of weight!)
  • 1-leg squat (right leg in front)
  • 1-leg squat (left leg in front)
  • Glute ham from top
  • Glute ham from top
This was a tough workout! Different from the last couple days of lots of reps, but a good different. I could tell I worked hard since afterward I ate 3 scrambled eggs with green peppers, a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios, and some celery with peanut butter. And then I was still hungry!

The evening was fun: Volleyball, workout, volleyball. We won our first match and then had a break, so I did the following:
  • Lunge R, L: 5 minutes extreme slow
  • Standing extreme ham: 5 minutes. I was so excited on this one because I could actually feel my muscles lengthening. It felt so good!
  • Push up: 5 minutes extreme slow, on the ground on my knees.
Then we played in the championship match. It was likely the best match of the season, and we won the second game 27-26; it was win by 2 with a cap at 27, so we took it down to the wire. But we pulled it out!

Brad and me with our prize for winning
Unfortunately Jeff had to take off early, so he missed the picture and the prizes. Henry had an assortment of things, from shirts to hats to volleyballs. I chose a volleyball and am quite happy with it!

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