Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CompuTrainer Class

  • Wall squat: 1 altitude drop, 1 second rest, 2 altitude drops, 2 seconds rest, 3 altitude drops, 3 seconds rest, up to 10 then back down to 1 (10 only once)
  • 1-leg squat: Same
  • Glute ham: Same
  • Push up: Same. That means I did 100 push ups!
  • Curl (5-lb dumbbells): Same
Todd's class (29.05 miles, 1:15 on the CompuTrainer) with Lynn, Sarah, Valerie, Rod, Ben, Ashley, and Kelly (mostly all Ironman triathletes and definitely a different crowd than my usual Thursday group!

  • Lunge
  • Scap pull up
  • Did not do crate crunch because I wanted supper!

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