Thursday, November 5, 2009

Slightly Better

It was only Will and me this morning, and hopefully we figured out a little more about yesterday. I guess mentally I was ready to do the exercises, and physically I could do them, but I was just doing them, not getting much out of them, and feeling weak. He said we might try some breathing exercises next time if I really can't do them. The thing is that I know how hard I can work; when I can't work that hard, I get frustrated because I can't. He reminded me that God knows—He sees the heart and the focus and it's OK if you just can't physically perform and need a day or a week off. Just do your best. The results aren't ultimately up to us anyway—the Lord gives the increase. It was a great reminder, and definitely something I needed to hear this morning. We did a little-ish workout, which means this afternoon's is going to be a fun one.

100 altitude drops:
  • Glute ham (he kept reminding me to pull from the hips, which should keep my upper body and lower body from having a little lag between them)
  • Wall squat (we had to decided between this and 1-leg squat; I said 1-leg squat because I didn't do it yesterday, he said wall squat because he wanted me to be able to work hard and enjoy it)
  • Push up (little altitude drops, which ended up being sets of 4)
I went to MFY and finished the workout after work; I felt strong! Today was way better than yesterday.

100 altitude drops:
  • Scapular pull up
  • Bench press, 30-lb bar
  • 1-leg squat (little altitude drops, which made this one much better; not necessarily easier, but I could handle it much better. It helped that Will said you don't start from all the way down but rather a little above parallel.)
  • Glute ham (how many of these have I done over the last week?!??! I'm going to be able to do a glute ham raise off the ground in no time!)
Then it was off to Inversion to listen to Jonathan talk about Flight and Pursuit:
  1. Flee gossip and pursue Godly conversation.
  2. Flee drunkenness and pursue self-control.
  3. Flee pride and pursue humility.

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