Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week Recap + Run

Isabelle, MaryVonne, Angela, Michelle, Robin, Jason

Susan, Randy, Jen-Luc, Isabelle, MaryVonne, Angela

Lucy, Judy, Gavin, Katie, Marilyn, Randy

Robin and Michelle hard at work sorting photos; Jason and Mike watching ESPN

Car milestone: 100,000 miles!

This week was fantastic--I love my family and being able to spend Thanksgiving with them! We did a lot but it seems like not much:
  • Sisters were both there, which was great fun!
  • We went through Mom's 8 boxes of photos, 4 of which returned to TN with me.
  • We played lots of games: Uno Attack, Catch Phrase, Pictionary, the Name Game, and more.
  • R, AJudy, and I did a little shopping.
  • We all helped put up the Christmas decorations.
  • I did a few workouts (Wed. AM with Will; Thurs. AM 5 minutes lunge R [2:36] L [1:36], wall squat, standing ham, curl, push up; Fri. AM 100 altitude drops lunge, standing ham, wall squat, bench, bentover barbell row; Sat. throughout the day 5 minutes wall squat (4:08), lunge, standing ham).
  • We enjoyed the traditional foods: Pizza for Wed. supper; sandwiches and turkey/beans/mashed potatoes/corn/rolls/amazing desserts for Thurs.; La Gandola spaghetti and lasagna for Fri. supper.
  • M and I worked on a little project.
  • I went through M's clothes and practically doubled my wardrobe!
Since I got home yesterday, I was hoping it would work out to run. It didn't, so we went today. Thankfully it was earlier than we'd gone last week and I was riding later, so I had time to nap between!

Here are the results from today and the last three times (Nov. 21, Nov 14, and Nov 1):
  • 15:07, 2.33 miles, 6:30 pace, 153 HR (186 max); 10:52, 1.84 miles, 5:54 pace, 146 HR (185 max); 10:39, 1.79 miles, 5:58 pace, 137 HR (200 max); 8 minutes, 1.33 miles, 6:03 pace, 150 HR (197 max) HR
  • Lap 1: 2:16, 5:58 pace (5:09 best), 0.38 miles; 2:28, 5:55 pace (4:54 best), 0.42 miles; 1:48, 5:33 pace (4:57 best), 0.33 miles; 1:26, 6:00 pace (5:14 best), 0.25 miles
  • Lap 2: 1:02, 5:53 pace (4:53 best), 0.18 miles; 1:58, 5:59 pace (5:21 best), 0.33 miles; 1:56, 5:55 pace (4:55 best), 0.33 miles; 5:22 best pace
  • Lap 3: 2:02, 5:57 pace (5:12 best), 0.34 miles + 00:42, 7:33 pace (6:06 best), 500 feet; 1:33, 5:59 pace (5:24 best), 0.26 miles; 1:41, 5:48 pace (4:51 best), 0.29 miles; 5:22 best pace
  • Lap 4: 2:39, 6:27 pace (5:38 best), 0.41 miles; 1:37, 5:36 pace (4:22 best), 0.29 miles; 1:39, 5:39 pace (4:53 best), 0.29 miles; 1:27, 6:03 pace (5:25 best), 0.25 mi
  • Lap 5: 3:15, 6:44 pace (5:41 best), 0.48 miles; 1:56, 6:08 pace (5:18 best), 0.32 miles; 1:58, 7:16 pace (2:42 best!?!?), 0.27 miles; 1:28, 5:42 pace (5:03 best), 0.26 mi
  • Lap 6: 3:09, 7:11 pace (5:43 best), 0.44 miles; 1:19, 5:44 pace (5:16 best), 0.23 miles; 1:34, 5:45 pace (5:20 best), 0.27 miles; 1:10, 5:54 pace (5:08 best), 0.20 mi
Will decided we'd not count Lap 2; good thing. On that one, I just quit. For no reason. Then I wanted to leave. Thankfully, we didn't, and I was happy we didn't leave. I felt tight the entire run--not comfortable running--and I obviously got progressively slower. Not that I was running all that slow anyway, it just felt slow for some reason. Today I was glad for a coach making me work hard. If it had been a race, I would have had to find a way to push through (I said I would have gone slower), so I just bore down and ran on. My goal is to run a fast mile, but I know I can't get there yet and it feels kind of overwhelming. It helped today for the last 4 lap that Will said, "Just run to me." That was better, because I had a destination (albeit moving). Lap 2 I split where I felt like I was slowing down; the change in pace is evidence that I was. After Lap 5 and before I looked at time or distance, I said that felt like a pace I could keep for a mile (6:30 according to distance).

We ending up riding outside despite the threat of rain, and it turned out to be nicer than I'd expected. It still required multiple layers and it started getting dark at the end, but we didn't get rained on. It was a good group of riders: Lisa C, Lisa S, Parri, Jen, Anna, Jonell, Robert, Cali, Valerie, and me. We had a great ride until less than a mile from Lisa's house, when a driver pulled out from a side street directly in front of Anna and she fell. Fortunately she wasn't hit and wasn't hurt badly, but it's never fun to fall! She got back on her bike and rode the rest of the way to Lisa's, where we enjoyed cookies for Jonell's birthday. Yum!
  • 2:12 total (it was SIGNIFICANTLY windier this week!)
  • 38.44 miles (and we obviously changed the route slightly, since it's been about 35 miles)
  • 17.3 average (37.7 max)
  • 165 HR (193 max)

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