Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Lunges...

I'm anxious to see whether we will be doing even more tomorrow after what all we did today and yesterday. Today was significantly more difficult physically than yesterday, possibly because my legs were tired? They didn't really feel tired, I just really struggled.
  • Push up: hold at the top, breathe 10 deep breaths, do one rep fast, repeat for 15 total reps. This was about 25 minutes.
  • Lunge: L, R. We attempted to do the reps as Russian lunges like I did yesterday. The first felt OK but it was not fast. The second I must not have turned on for and I fell. Then we went to holding the lunge at the very top (as high as you can be so that your front shin is still perpendicular to the ground) and doing the reps to the bottom and then back up fast. Left leg out--my left glute seemed to be doing the majority of the work. Right leg out--my left hip flexor seemed to be doing the majority of the work. I kept trying to re-create the same feeling as from the first leg but couldn't.
I think that's all we did in the morning, but it still took over an hour. I decided not to swim because I didn't want to be rushed out of the house, so I didn't. Then I finished the workout after work at MFY:
  • Squat: Stand up straight for 10 deep breaths, do 1 rep with 55 lb, then repeat for 15 total reps. I started out holding the bar the entire time (maybe the first 4 reps) but was not happy. I could not stand up straight and hold the weight, so I breathed with no weight then grabbed the bar, did the rep, and replaced it on the rack. I kept forgetting that I was supposed to have been working while standing, though. It was like I could remember either to breathe (and count breaths) or to work. Total time: 25 minutes.
  • Glute ham: Hold at about 80-85*, take 10 deep breaths, do one rep fast, repeat for 15 total reps. This one I worked very hard on. It felt much better than the squat. 20+ minutes
  • Curl: Hold a bar at the top of the curl, take 10 deep breaths, do one rebound rep fast, repeat for 15 total reps. I couldn't remember whether Will had said anything about weight, so I used a 12-lb bar. This one felt so good. Doing rebounds in between were a good break, and since it was only one I could really focus on doing it fast. ~18 minutes
  • Seated lateral delt raise: 3 minutes extreme slow with one 2.5-lb plate in each hand (both arms at the same time). Three minutes felt like nothing compared to the times of the previous exercises!

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