Monday, November 30, 2009

Word for the Week: USE

AM workout:
  • 5 minutes extreme slow lunge L, R
  • 100 quick-style wall squats
  • 5 minutes extreme slow push up
  • 100 quick-style towel front delt raise
  • 5 minutes extreme slow curl, 10-lb dumbbells
  • 100 quick-style towel curls
  • 5 minutes standing extreme hamstring
  • 100 quick-style glute ham raise to arm's length
We had a little discussion before the workout regarding my using (or not using) my glutes and hamstrings correctly while running. Even if I'm not necessarily thinking about "squeezing" or "contracting" them, I should at least be thinking about using them. So that's what I was focused on during the lunge, and the wall squats seemed to follow—I was using my muscles right. Now I just have to translate that to the road while I run!

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