Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans' Day

Thank you to all those who have served and are serving in the military, to those who have made it a priority to help keep us safe and free from many of the worries that citizens of other countries deal with. I am definitely grateful for your service!

Today has seemed like a long, busy day. But it's nearly over and I'm still here; God is good!

Due to sickness and lack of sleep, we've had a smaller crowd in the mornings; it was just Nancy, Will, and me in there this morning, and we weren't even joined by some of the regulars on the treadmills and elliptical trainers. I like it because it means we can turn off and keep off the TV and there are significantly fewer distractions. Today I was especially happy, because it was super hot in there and I was sweating like crazy!
  • Push up: 100 altitude drop with hands on ground and on knees
  • Seated curl: 100 altitude drop with 5-lb dumbbells
  • Jumps of bench: 100, landing in squat position. Will showed me a few of these the other day, and mine didn't feel anything like his looked. I stopped way lower than he did, which means I wasn't turning on as hard as possible every time I landed. Not only that, but I frequently landed with my knees too far forward and my upper body too straight (like wall squat instead of regular squat). Definitely not some of my best work in terms of form.
  • Standing extreme hamstring: 100 altitude drops
Then it was off to swim with the crew at BFY: teacher Ginny, Doug, Heather, Leanne, Annette, Kim, Lachelle, and a few others whose names I don't know. I seem to always skip out right before or during the main set, but I still got a good swim in today:
  • 200 warmup
  • 8×50@10sec rest: drill, swim, repeat (400)
  • 200 kick (kickboard, no flippers)
  • 50
  • 450 pull (we were supposed to have done 500 but miscalculated)
  • 50/75/100/100/75/50: before the last 25, take 10 seconds rest, then sprint; 30 seconds between sets, 1 minute at the top of the ladder (125; this would be 450, but I had to leave after the first 75)
  • 1,425 total
At work, we've been doing clean reads of some of our products, which means we sit in one of our conference rooms and read 282 and 215 pages of text. It gets tedious and monotonous at times, so we've started breaking it up with little exercises. Today, I did 30-second wall squats a few times, 20-second lunges, 30-second standing ham, and a couple push ups. And we finished both products. Woohoo!

On my way to MFY from work, I talked to G and GJ; I had invited them to stop by and see me on their way home to Florida from Milwaukee, but they declined, wanting to arrive at their destination as soon as they could. I hadn't heard whether they'd made it, so I found out. Plus, I wanted to thank Gramps for his service. Then it was the rest of the workout.
  • 1-leg squat: 100 little altitude drops. Will initially said regular, but I asked for little ones. He said OK, fine, as long as I made sure to do 2-second stops after each one. I did. Not that any of these is particularly easy, but this one is particularly hard and seems unconquerable if I have to do 100 regular altitude drops. Thanks, Will!
  • Glute ham: 100 altitude drops from arm's length
  • Plate front delt, standing: hold a 10-lb plate in front of you, throw it up, and catch it forcefully with your hands around eye level. I think I got this. I don't know whether I successfully continually used my lats, though.
  • Bench press: 100 altitude drops with a 30-lb bar. I was so happy to have been able to do bench press. We have been doing a lot of push ups lately!

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