Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful November Ride

Today's ride was absolutely amazing. Who knew God would provide us such wonderful weather and allow us to enjoy it. He is good! Uncharacteristic for November, the temps were around 75*, the skies were blue, and it was fabulous. It was even nice enough to spend some time at the pool and get some sun!

Lisa C, Parri, Lisa S, Anna, Shellie, Lee, David, Cali, and I did a little different route today than we previously had ridden as a celebration of Lisa C's bday: hills, hills, and a few more hills. We didn't do the best at keeping it steady (Todd was not there to keep us in line), but we finally even out about 1:10 into the ride. Stats:
  • 1:58:57 (too bad I didn't ride another 1:03 to get to 2 hours!)
  • 34.89 (that would have gotten me to 35 miles, too)
  • 17.6 mph (40.3 max)
  • 164 HR (198 max)
  • 2,126 calories (good thing, too, since we went back to celebrate Lisa's bday with cupcakes)

It was just the ladies contending for the sprints, and although Parri led Lisa C out to try to give her a birthday win, I jumped on their wheel and got to the sign first. On the way back, both Lisa S and Parri said they were tired, so I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I picked a sign ahead and decided that I would sprint from there (it was going to be a long sprint!). Lisa must have picked the same sign, because she started just before I was going to. I got on Parri's wheel again and came around Lisa just before the sign. My legs felt so good during the entire ride, and I think my cadence was pretty good, too. I wasn't paying too much attention to it, but when I was it felt good.

 Cali, Shellie, Lee, Ana, me, and Parri

David, Shellie, Lee, Anna, me, birthday girl Lisa
I need to learn to relax my arms!!!

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