Monday, November 2, 2009


Today's workout: 20x10 seconds of pulses with 10 seconds rest.
  • Bentover Front Delt Raise: 5-lb dumbbell (which was a lot of weight); second arm--20 seconds rest for the last 10. Focus on lats and delts.
  • Bentover Row: 5-lb dumbbell. Focus on lats and delts.
  • Standing Extreme Ham: Focus on glutes.
  • Lunge R, L: stand up between each 10-second interval. Focus on back leg's glute and front leg's hamstring. I could really only focus on one leg at a time, so back leg it was.
After this, I swam at BFY:
  • 200 warm up
  • 200 kick (kickboard but no flippers)
  • 50 easy
  • 300 pull (breathe every 3 for 25, breathe every 5 for 25, repeat)
  • 50 easy
  • 4×25 backstroke kicking (on side or back)
  • 4×25 backstroke (7-kick roll, stroke; 5-kick roll, stroke; 3-kick roll, stroke; swim)
  • 4×25 backstroke
  • 1,100 total
The pulses that we did first were excellent for the swim later. Because I had been thinking about chest up during the workout, it was already on my mind for the swim. Then I could focus on being efficient and keeping my chest up. The backstroke was good for that too. Unfortunately, I don't float well and felt super inefficient kicking for the last 300, but I was definitely doing my best to do it correctly. Being able to swim twice a week will be good; I don't think I'll lose anything not being able to ride or run more than once each per week, but I think I would definitely lose technique by not swimming. And as much as I dislike swimming, it's that much better for me to be getting in the pool so that hopefully I start to enjoy it. Fortunately we are not doing too many yards, but unfortunately we have a lot of breaks between sets.

The book being read by Brian Hardin from The Daily Audio Bible this week is Ezekiel. I have read this book numerous times and am continually amazed at how God reveals His character in this book. He also shows His fantastic imagination. The things He tells Ezekiel to do sound so crazy, but they all correspond in some way to His judgment and grace and wrath and mercy.

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