Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Aerobic Training I

This morning's class was the start of a new series: Aerobic training. We did a 10-or-so minute warmup while Todd explained where (or how?) we were supposed to put force on the pedal. I didn't get it at all—maybe he'll do so again on Thursday and it will make more sense. After that was 13 minutes of aerobic work with two 1-minute sections of higher-intensity work thrown in; rest; 3 spin ups; rest; 3 times 1 minute at 100, 2 minutes at 110; rest; then 3 spin ups again. I had to finish before the final set of spin ups, which means that I missed 1-leg drills as well. But it was a good hard workout, rewarded with birthday cake for Anna made by Parri. She is a great baker!

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