Monday, December 20, 2010

In the Pool

I did get in the pool today, as has been my Monday habit (I also ran 1mi at BFY this morning; for whatever reason, I can't seem to manage any long workouts lately, though this morning was definitely time-related rather than energy-related). Short swim, not real fast, actually pretty slow. So far that's all I've done today that's been OK-good. The lunge was frustrating. I don't know why my legs are so tired—I haven't been doing anything!

Jonell, Valerie, Anna, and I met to lift at MFY in the afternoon. 25 minutes on the step mill, lunge, squats (115 lb), glute stuff with Anna, arms, core, and stretching. I wasn't really into it, which means physically it didn't go well. It was fun to be with the girls, though!

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