Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today's ride was outside and freezing. At least I had company in Valerie, Jeremy, Cali, and Anna, and we picked up Max along the way. Somehow I managed 2:15, but I couldn't feel my fingers by the time I finished, and I couldn't even unbuckle my helmet!

After church, I headed to Cozymel's in Franklin for the BEAT Christmas party. I knew Anna and Lisa would be there, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Angela and Charles as well. I hadn't talked to Angela in quite a while, so I definitely enjoyed the evening. Janet handed out some fun awards (for things like the most races during the season, the slowest marathon, and the most people in a hotel room) while we ate, and then we had a white-elephant gift exchange. My first gift was this sweet shower cap, but someone stole it from me and I ended up with some good race nutrition—sport beans and gu. Definitely a fun night.

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