Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Days and Two Parades

I have never had so many people say something about a hat before—everyone loved these hats, which we wore all day (to Home Depot, the mall, and more!)

Yesterday Josh, Anna, and I went to downtown Nashville to enjoy their annual Christmas Parade.

The loot from Friday night; Saturday we got pocketfuls of candy that Lauren took home

Today Lauren and I went to downtown Franklin to enjoy their annual Christmas Parade. I have pics from today's and not yesterday's (though I did get pics on my phone of the fireworks), but you wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference between the two since both parades contained pretty much the same floats.

Mini semis and cars 

The Ashbusters--my favorite float, and they were playing Mary Poppins songs both days

Yesterday was also a beautiful day for a ride, which I did with Anna M, Lisa C, and Alli. We got in a good 28 miles. I didn't mind the ride through the city with cars around, I never do, but the others were a little less excited about the traffic, so we'll probably try another route next time. It was great to have company, and I don't mind changing routes if it means we'll have a bigger group! I ran about 2.5 before the parade and it was still nice then.

Today I headed to BFY after church for 3×30sec heavy. It's been almost a month since last time, but weights were pretty close and I skipped only 1-leg squat (that's normal for me since I don't like it and it only frustrates me):

  • Scap pull up: body weight
  • Push up on feet: body weight
  • Preacher curl: 15-lb dumbbells
  • Crate crunch: 45lb plate
  • Lunge: 45lb bar + 15lb on each side = 75lb
  • GHR: at 60*, 25lb (only I wasn't even close to 60*)
  • GHR: at bottom, no weight
  • Standing ham: 35lb plate

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