Monday, December 6, 2010


Monday's seem to be the days that I'm the mostly likely to get in the pool, and today was no exception. I swam 500, my typical swim of late (just enough to get wet and remind myself how to swim), 8 minutes (slow, I know).

Then, after work, it was back to MFY for a workout with Valerie preceded by a warm up on the step mill (not the one you just step on, but the one with the rolling stairs so you actually have to work to step). That's a much tougher machine than I realized! We added another 10 together and then did the following, 2 sets of 10 or 12:

  • Single-arm row: 25-lb dumbbell
  • Push ups
  • Triceps push ups 
  • Squat: 100lb 
  • Lunge: 25lb, quick-style 
  • Step up: 25lb 
  • Step over 
  • Alphabet
  • Planks
  • Crunches
  • Take-aways
  • Reverse something
  • Some hamstring thing

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