Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: 2-Mile Hard Effort II

Today's class involved only 45 minutes of work followed by the 2-mile hard effort. It seemed pretty short compared to the 1:30 we usually work, but with warm up and cool down I still got in a good 1:15 ride.

When we did the same effort on November 16, we had a significantly shorter and easier warm up and the hard part of the class followed the effort. I pulled out a 6:04 effort then and was hoping to better that today. Unfortunately that didn't happen. I'm pretty sure I went out easier on the downhill 1.2 miles (took me 2:30), which means I had less time to make it up the 0.8 miles (took me 3:45). I also know that I was affected by being on a different screen than Parri and Anna, which meant that I couldn't see what either of them was doing, nor could I race or keep pace with them. Will said I need a bunny in front of me at every race so that I have something to chase after; either that or I need to know that someone is chasing me, which will make me work harder to keep them away from me for longer.

My time today was 6:16 and my HR was a ridiculous 193 bpm. Yikes!

On the plus side, the spin-ups were easier than they have been, and we did only half as many this week as we did last week so it was even easier!

The majority of the class looked like this: 1:15, 165 HR

  • Warm up: 6:24 (definitely got to class a little late), then 10:00
  • Aerobic work: 8:00
  • 2 min break, then 8 minutes of 1-leg drills
  • 3 min break, then 3 spin-ups (85 RPM for 30 sec, increase to 110 over the next minute, hold 110 for the next 1:30, repeat)
  • 4 min break, then 2-mile hard effort, 6:16
  • 16 min cool down

The afternoon workout was a 3-mile run on the treadmill (first time running in two weeks according to my logs—this cycling thing is really cramping my run style, but I don't mind much at all!) to warm up, iso lunge (2:41 L and 3:05 R—a big milestone!) and standing ham, and then a little relaxing time in the steam room. Then we had our company Christmas party at Ellendale's in Donelson. Kelly took lots of pictures, so I'm hoping to grab a few to put up here. I was pleasantly surprised at the food choices and taste, and we'll get to enjoy the desserts today as well. Yum!

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