Thursday, March 25, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Torture Test II

This morning we did the same 5-mile time trial that we did on January 28. After 8 weeks, we were all anxious to see how we'd improved. As with the last test, I approached this as if it were a race, only this time I knew what I was getting into: 15 minutes of all out effort.

Last time, I finished in 14:22 and averaged 208 watts. I definitely went out too hard and thus slowed down toward the end. This time, I was determined to not go out harder than I could maintain and finished with vastly improved stats: 13:56 and 223 watts average. I was focused less on speed and keeping up with the others around me and more on doing my own test and keeping my cadence around 100. It worked and I did well comparatively.

I was still not the first finisher, but not as far behind everyone as I had been last time. In fact, I beat Lisa by 2 seconds (in the last tenth of a mile because I knew how close I was and really pushed it!). Parri finished first, in 13:14 (I was 42 seconds behind her); last time, Lee finished first in 13:36 (I was 46 seconds behind her). Everyone improved some, and most were happy with how they improved.

Some positives for me: Jen beat me last time by 2 seconds, and I ended up 10 seconds ahead of her this time. Lee beat me last time by 46 seconds, and I was only 13 seconds behind her this time. Lisa beat me last time, and I beat her this time. Order of finish was something like Rolf, Parri, Lee, Cali, me, Lisa S, Jen, Lisa C, and then of the others I couldn't see Shelly, Anna, Jonell, and Chatty.

I went to CSY for a little run and isos (10x30sec glute ham and preacher curl) later; not much to report since I wasn't happy with how I did. Home to pack and off to Inversion for some praise and worship and studying 1 Peter.

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